‘Ephemera Festival of Intangible Culture’, a widespread festival in Friuli Venezia Giulia, starts

“Ephhemera Festival of Intangible Culture”, the first in Italy, conceived, edited and directed by Eleonora Cedaro, Michela Lupieri And Rachele D’Osualdo, which will offer events until the fall (you can find the full program here). After the presentation, the “Here, There & Everywhere” exhibition of Riccardo Arena, Cristina Burelli, Michela Lupieri.

Conceived and designed as a festival for all: for the communities that inhabit its places, for curious people of all ages and nationalities, “Ephemera” will focus on some symbolic places in the natural and artistic heritage of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region – Prato d’Arte Marzona, Vigne Museum, Palazzo Lantieri, Martincigh Bookshop and Trieste Contemporanea – through a rich calendar of events spread from May to October that will intertwine different disciplines: dance performances, contemporary music and sound art, an artist residency, visual art exhibitions, artistic and sporting workshops “, predicted the founders.

We talked about it with the curatorial team in the interview below.

Curatorial team for Ephemera: Eleonora Cedaro, Michela Lupieri, Rachele D’Osualdo

How did the Ephemera Festival arise and the need to focus attention on intangible culture?

“It stems from the need to tell the story of the present and from the awareness that there is an intangible legacy that cannot be seen is difficult to define and that we risk taking for granted. A consciousness strongly attached to our time, which tells and defines it. We have tried to bring back to the center the essence of art, of sociality, of the collective, of a time that has undermined its possibility of happening; we wanted to share a common good that is necessary and that belongs to the community. Michela Lupieri and Eleonora Cedaro accepted the invitation of the Autonomous Community of Friuli Venezia Giulia and the confidence of ETRARTElead body, as with Rachele D’Osualdo they turned the curatorial idea into a solid project reality. We believe that the essence of the project lies in this: a passionate vision of the present and a network of partners, professionalism of culture, organizations, foundations, institutions and last but not least the prestigious support of a network of cultural mentors representative of the cultural centers of the territory “.

Palazzo Lantieri, Gorizia, 2022. Image credit Caterina Erica Shanta

What kind of interaction with the area does the festival propose, and how were the bodies involved chosen?

«The curatorial idea was born with the places in mind: a mapping of the contemporary from the carnal pre-Alps to the eastern hills, touching the cities and reaching the sea. The performing arts program, curated by Cedaro, will see the works of Prato d’Arte Marzona from Villa di Verzegnis interact with the performances created by the choreographer Marta Melucci to Laura Campanella, Stefania Mallia, Andrea Orsini, Daniele Tenze, Virginia Vergani and with extraordinary participation of Zahre choir of Sauris; Vigne Museum di Rosazzo – museum without doors located among the vineyards of Livio Felluga and designed by Yona Friedman And Jean Baptiste Decavèle will host the audio performance of Alvin Curranpioneer in electronic music and key figure in international avant-garde music; Clouds from Michelangelo Pistoletto to Palazzo Lantieri Gorizia will mirror the concert for lute, keyboards and live electronics Giorgio Pacorig, Fabio Accurso And Veniero Rizzardi. The visual arts education starts with Here there and everywhereedited by Michela Lupieri, Riccardo Arena And Cristina Burelli in Martincigh Bookstore and in September Contemporary Trieste will welcome “Ephemerides”, a personal exhibition of Riccardo Arenacurated by Lupieri.

We involved the local communities that live in the places, the small cultural associations and unusual synergies were activated – think of the Zahre Choir in Sauris, which collaborated with Melucci. But we also turned to more structured realities that, depending on the field to which they belong, persistently pursue quality programming and a long-term vision – such as Trieste Contemporanea, Libreria Martincigh, Vigne Museum and CREAA, a cultural enterprise that has taken us by the hand. in hand and accompanies us in telling Ephemera ».

Bruce Nauman, Truncated Pyramid Room, Prato d’Arte Marzona, Villa di Verzegnis, 2022. Photo credits Caterina Erica Shanta

What is the festival’s planning for the future?

“In this first edition, we have activated a very strong network: the region’s support was joined by the support of the Friuli Foundation and the Pietro Pittini Foundation, and there were many applications and proposals that we have already received for future editions. It will be fundamental to activate a cross-cutting support network between public and private, in order to consolidate and expand the audience of those who want to believe that what lasts “one day” is necessary because it resonates for a long time in a powerful and vital echo ».

Michelangelo Pistoletto, Skies, Palazzo Lantieri, 2022. Photo credit Caterina Erica Shanta

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