Dori: “Stop at Parking Fara. No construction sites under the Italian Capital of Culture”

“I was hoping for the title ‘Italian Capital of Culture’ was the occasion for a rethinking of the whole project of Parking Danger. Instead, there is not only no new thinking, but the work is even expected to continue during 2023. A disgrace of the title ‘Italian Capital of Culture’. An unmanageable damage to the image of our city. When you are the ‘Italian Capital of Culture’, you must have the ability to change the development perspective of the area: old projects are carried out instead. In recent years, our country has changed, our city has changed: the only thing that survives is the Parking Fara project. When that project was born, the Venetian walls were not yet a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Bergamo was not yet the Italian Capital of Culture. ‘Panta Rei’ the Greeks said, that is, ‘everything flows’. Unfortunately, they were wrong. Everything passes, except Parking Danger ”. Thus the Honorable Member of Europa Verde, Estimate Dori.

And he continues: “When in May / June / July 2020 I worked for weeks in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture to get the law approved without passing the title ‘Italian Capital of Culture 2023’, I hoped that it was also an opportunity to question that project.Instead, the work continues.

The construction site restarted in March 2022 with the company Iozzino di Angri (Salerno). The completion of the works would be planned for July 2023, but it is obviously likely that the work will continue at least throughout 2023, that is, when Bergamo becomes the ‘Italian Capital of Culture’.

I am increasingly beginning to believe that this important title is perceived by part of Bergamo’s policy as a burden. Without that title, some construction sites could be kept open without having the eyes of the whole of Italy on. Instead, it will not be like this: the whole of Italy will observe Bergamo. For better or worse. On the other hand, I still believe that title is a responsibility that must be turned into an opportunity “.

“Using a bit of irony, we should ask ourselves: whether Bergamo’s policy is considering Parking Danger a useful and positive work for the city, will tourists from all over Italy (and beyond) arrive in Bergamo during 2023, be offered a visit to the construction site? Will it be part of a tourist route? Do tourists stop at the construction site? Maybe concerts and shows will be organized inside because it will be discovered that the gap in the hill has perfect acoustics? Also, considering that construction site will make trucks come and go towards the upper city, then are there any plans to set up tourist trucks for a truly immersive experience? “.

“In fact, unfortunately, there is little to joke about: especially if you want to elaborate on the results that were already highlighted some time ago by the engineer Silvio Calviwho expressed doubts about the design aspects of Parking Fara, especially with regard to density of the tray retaining wall. Meadow. Calvi said: “The project is based on the assumption that the pile wall and rock anchors will last indefinitely. It is certainly a wish, but unfortunately it is not reasonable … there is no forecast plan to know what will really happen, “if the monitoring system should show an unexpected deformation. In fact, there is some technical literature on the durability of anchored walls or on possible defects, but it is reasonable to assume that they will not last forever”.

It is therefore not a question that only involves the environment and the protection of the cultural heritage: we are also talking about security for the population and any future costs that need to be taken into account ”.

“For these reasons, I raised a new parliamentary question “Parking Danger” The construction site is a very serious open wound in the heart of the city, within the walls of the upper city.

Last August, I had already requested an intervention from the Ministry of Culture for the looming risk (still very real) that UNESCO could downgrade – because of that parking lot – the Venetian walls of the transnational site. : State from the land – state from the western sea ”, it adds to the list above Unesco heritage in danger . This downgrade would also involve the cities of Palmanova and Peschiera del Garda for Italy, Zadar and Sibenik for Croatia, Cattaro for Montenegro and would irreparably damage Italy’s image internationally.

“Then we have only one sensible solution: stop Parking Danger the construction site. I also ask for an intervention from the government so that it can favor the identification of ways in which one can definitely leave this project. In 2020, the Italian Parliament gave credit to the cities of Bergamo and Brescia by unanimously approving my amendment on the title “Italian Capital of Culture”. Now the city is showing that it is on level ground. The work on the construction site in 2023 in the upper city, a few steps from the Venetian walls, is a disgrace of the title ‘Italian Capital of Culture’ “, Dori concludes.

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