Culture: from Saturday at the Bufalino Foundation the second edition of “L’engegnere di Babele”

COMISO (RG) – Theater, art, music and of course literature. In the era of mutation, the word and its fate are presented through creative languages ​​that are constantly evolving. In this cultural context, the Gesualdo Bufalino Foundation of Comiso intends to continue its dual project of dissemination and rereading of the Bufalin work, adapted in the key of a renewed hybridization with the modern artistic and creative language.

The Gesualdo Bufalino Foundation of Comiso launches the second edition of the cultural festival “The engineer of Babel”, with a cultural program running from June 18 to July 2, 2022. “The festival – explains Giuseppe Digiacomo, chairman of the foundation – is an opportunity for to stimulate new reflections on the languages, themes and styles of the global world and the digital transition era, by borrowing the title of a story by Bufalino himself, contained in his collection “The Invaded Man”, with the second edition of “The Engineer of Babel “, the foundation wants to investigate the different areas and their pollution by stimulating an original dialogue between a very nice man with letters and who still knows how to reject a language« of sight, vision and rapture »”.
It starts on Saturday 18 June at 20.00 in the Foundation’s atmospheric courtyard with the event “Pain on the scales. A solo for peace ”, presentation of the pictorial work“ È tornata ”by Giovanni La Cognata, a solo for peace against war. Journalist and critic Elisa Mandarà presents the work in dialogue with the author on a current theme such as war. Afterwards, there will be an intense reading of Buffalo texts entitled “Eine Kleine Nachtmusic”, entrusted with the interpretation of Antonio Ruello and Federica Cilia. Giovanni La Cognata’s work will remain on display at the Bufalino Foundation’s premises until July 20 and will be available for use during normal business hours.

The program of the festival “L’engegnere di Babele” continues on Sunday, June 19 at. 19.00 with the expected presentation of the printed book by Gesualdo Bufalino, “Io, Franca Florio”, an unpublished manuscript by the author of Comiso, found among his autographed papers. The book, published by ArchiLibri in co-edition with the Bufalino Foundation, contains the foreword by the film critic and film teacher at the IULM in Milan, Gianni Canova, and the introduction by the literary critic and author Massimo Onofri; the book is accompanied by magnificent illustrations by the artist Giovanni Robustelli. Massimo Onofri and director Andrea Traina will participate in the presentation.
The culminating event associated with the script “Io, Franca Florio” will be held on June 24/25/26, with the “premiere” of the theatrical performance based on the unpublished script of the same name by Gesualdo Bufalino. The show is presented by Spazio Naselli and Gesualdo Bufalino Foundation, directed by Giampaolo Romania. Start at 21.00.
“In the hour of the last shipwreck” is instead the fourth agreement to be held on Wednesday, June 29 at. 20.00 with the musical speech by the modic singer-songwriter Giovanni Caccamo, who will entertain the audience by recalling his words, verses by other writers (one of all Bufalino!) And the music from his latest album “Parola”. A refined dialogue between poetry, prose and music, which Caccamo expresses inspired by the centrality of the word and the necessary need to seek light through art and poetry.
Another important initiative is “Your Honor Bufalino – Jurisprudence, plea bargaining and criminal law,”The lies of the night»By Gesualdo Bufalino«. The meeting will take place on Friday 1 July at 19.00. Alberto Andronico, Professor of Philosophy of Law at the University of Catania, will talk about the close relationship between law and literature; Monica Monego, Deputy Prosecutor of the Court of the Republic of Ragusa, will discuss the right to silence and the interrogation of the accused in the criminal system of investigation in connection with the plea, proposed to the main characters in Bufalino’s novel; finally, Nunzio Citrella, lawyer and president of the Criminal Chamber in Iblei, will talk about the pedagogical function of judgment through the analysis of some passages from the novel. During the meeting, actor Alessandro Romano will read pages from “The lies of the night”By Gesualdo Bufalino.

The program for “Babel’s Engineer” ends on Saturday, July 2 at 19.00 with the presentation of “Black Sicily” (Archipelago Ithaca), the last collection of verses by the poet Fernando Lena, presented by Maria Rita Schembari. The author himself intervenes with the reading of some poems taken from the collection. After a recital dedicated to the character Gesualdo Bufalino entitled “The Sorcery of the Shadows” by Salvo Giorgio, starring Lella Lombardo and Matteo Tomasello.
The second edition of the cultural festival “L’engegnere di Babele” benefits from the public contribution of the municipality of Comiso, the Sicilian Regional Assembly and is sponsored by the Banca Agricola Popolare di Ragusa and the Agriplast company.
All events take place in Comiso, in the courtyard of the Gesualdo Bufalino Foundation (Piazza delle Erbe, 13). Admission to the events is free, only subject to the theatrical performance “Io, Franca Florio” on 24/25/26 and to the musical speech by Giovanni Caccamo, “In the Hour of the Last Shipwreck” on 29 June. Info at


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