Community Houses, Piloni (PD): “Casalmaggiore removed from decision”

The regional PD attacks the extract from the funding attached to the PNRR for the Casalmaggiore Community House (what was to occur in the former Turati). The harsh reaction of Filippo Bongiovanni which speaks of a carefully constructed controversy, since the PNRR cannot finance private structures (and Turati belongs to the Busi Foundation).

Casalasco is paying, as far as Community Houses is concerned, for the decision to cut some structures down. Or at least that’s the alarm Matteo Piloni, Regional Councilor for the Democratic Party, commenting on the extract of seventeen communal houses, made by the Regional Council in late May, from the list of those to be built in the first instance, solely with funds from the PNRR. However, the list previously approved by the region with 216 structures is not enough to implement the network planned by the government, which indicates the correct share in a community house for every twenty thousand citizens for the best functioning of territorial medicine.

“They should have built – explains Piloni – another three hundred communal houses, and instead make seventeen fewer, leaving cities like Lodi and other municipalities throughout Lombardy unguarded. Only in our province have two communal houses planned in Soncino been removed from PNRR funding: one planned in Viale Trento e Trieste in Cremona and one in Piazza Garibaldi in Casalmaggiore, structures that had been identified thanks to the consultation between Ats, Asst and mayors and which the region has decided to exclude from We are wondering what is the criterion for the Lombard junta to have chosen these structures and not others, but above all whether this is the best way to revive the territorial health of Lombardy. so intend to use? “.

“The pandemic was not enough to make Fontana and the center-right understand that territorial medicine must be rebuilt because citizens no longer have references except first aid – Piloni insists. Community houses will be built all over Italy, but only in Lombardy will we start from scratch because Formigoni and Maroni first and Fontana then bet everything on hospitals and impoverished the rest.Now with PNRR, which the League of Europe had voted against, a lot of money is coming in, but it is not enough as it was clear from the start. Fontana and Moratti must believe in it and set aside other regional resources to build the structures, and then they must organize the service so that the common houses do not remain empty boxes, as is happening now ”.

“It would also be important for the Lombardy region to start thinking about widespread clinics, which are also provided for by law, especially in the province of Cremona, where compared to the province of Mantua there are fewer community centers and widespread clinics could be a resource important,” concludes the director them.

As for the ASSTs in Cremona and Mantua, this is the current situation:
Community Homes: 2 at ASST Cremona (Cremona and Soresina) + 2 pending (Cremona and Casalmaggiore); 9 on ASST Mantova (2 in Mantova, Bozzolo, Goito, Asola, Quistello, Suzzara, Castiglione D / S, Viadana). Territorial operations centers: 2 in Cremona (Cremona and Crema) + 1 waiting (Casalmaggiore); 6 on Mantua (Mantua, Suzzara, Quistello, Asola, Castiglione D / S, Viadana).
Community Hospitals: 2 at ASST Cremona (Cremona and Soresina); 5 on ASST Mantova (Mantova, Bozzolo, Asola, Borgo Mantovano, Viadana).

To quell the controversy in the run-up to beating regional councilor Piloni, the mayor of Casalmaggiore, Filippo Bongiovanni: “Amazing how ignorance generates controversy out of nothing. Funds from the NRP cannot go to privately owned facilities. End. Useless controversy artfully created by Piloni. By exploiting a generic ignorance of the subject“.

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