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Olive and almond groves Ses or Super Efficient System, characterized by high plant density – up to 400 olive trees per hectares and up to 2 thousand almond trees – are increasingly widespread throughout southern Europe and allow mechanized collection.

Designed for harvesting olives, almonds and other fruits in high density plants new self-propelled and cross-border Bread 11.90 X Multi from New Holland of impressive dimensions, launched at Eima International 2021, it ensures the best results in rows up to 4 meters high, 3.5-4 meters apart and at intervals on the row of 1-1.35 meters.

A new reference point

Manufactured by Coëx in France, the Braud 11.90 X Multi achieves maximum performance in terms of size and collection capacity. large companies which grows at least two products. “We have delivered two. One in the province of Bari for the orange harvest and one inMaccarese Agricultural Society for collecting almonds. Here, near Fiumicino, we will be hosting an event open to the public in early September. “ reveals Emanuele PaganelliMarketing and Communications Manager in New Holland Italy. “Our goal is sell a few units a year “.

New Holland Braud 11.90 X Multi at Eima 2021

(Photo source: AgroNotizie)

As a result of the continuous improvement of the Braud series, 11.90 X supports Multi fruit growers committed to more sustainable crops and olive growers who have renewed the management of the olive groves, even in the areas affected Xylella fastidiosa.

11.90 X Multi, top productivity and quality

Redesigned from scratch from Braud’s key patents, 11.90 X Multi works on 3 or 4 kilometers per hour depending on whether you harvest olives or almonds. Despite the increase in speed (+ 50% in the olive groves), it harvests the fruit without loss thanks to the grip on the ground – which supports the collection curves – longer than 80 centimeters.

The high productivity is associated with the respect of the drums, guaranteed by the oscillating head with stump guidance. “The cutting table automatically aligns with the row and stub guide system mechanic handles located below the area where the Noria baskets slide ensure one instantaneous displacement as soon as it touches a suitcase “ explains Luca FerrettiGrape Harvester Business Manager in New Holland Italy.

The machine causes one effective detachment and at the same time delicate of the fruits by means of the shaking system Shocking dynamic control (Sdc) already seen on the other Brauds. The SDC always has 42 shakers, 21 on each side, with independent operation with flexible rear coupling and quick disengagement, but it is mounted on a frame with increased size Ferretti specifies. “There is also the automatic crop setup device for storing and recalling settings”.

Collection efficiency is further increased by wider tunnel 30% compared to Braud 10.90X Olive.

New Holland Braud 11.90 X Multi with wider tunnel

New Holland Braud 11.90 X Multi with wider tunnel

(Photo source: New Holland)

Also new basket Noria 3XL with a capacity increased by 75% (7.4 liters), they pick up the fruits, which then end up in the best possible way double conveyors at 400 mm reception. These secure together with the fan with a diameter increased to 638 millimeters greater cleaning capacity on olives and almonds guarantees high quality of the crop.

Finally in to thoughtwith new single screw auger, contain up to 5 thousand liters (4 thousand on Braud 10.90X Oliven) and therefore reduces the frequency of machine stops for unloading fruit in trailers. The maximum tip height of the tanks is 3.60 meters.

Perform in any situation

On the road, Braud drives 11.90 X Multi at 25 kilometers per hour (30 in the case of 10.90X Olives) using the six-cylinder engine FPT Nef N67 Stage V 6.7 liters with 182 horsepower and powerful hydrostatic transmission Twin Lock of Poclain. “The slower speed of road transport is due to the fact that the weight has increased by 2 thousand kilos compared to Braud 10.90X Oliven” Ferretti clarifies.

New Holland Braud 11.90 X Multi reaches 3 or 4 kilometers per hour

New Holland Braud 11.90 X Multi reaches 3 or 4 kilometers per hour

(Photo source: New Holland)

If 11.90 X Multi during transport is 3.98 meters high overall, it rises during harvest in the field thanks to new frame with telescopic cylinders combined with the four wheels. The cylinders ensure one lift of 820 mmwhich allows the machine to have a headroom of 3.3 meters and adapt to highly developed rows.

Moreover rear wheels 650 / 60R34 34-inch and them front 440 / 80R28 28-inch wheels ensure fantastic traction and a 90-degree steering angle, so you can drive even on wet surfaces, with slopes of 25% and ind closed room on the sideline. The machine’s footprint is reduced by 10%.

Driving, easier with NH technologies

Braud 11.90 X Multi respects both the ground and the driver, who works in a comfortable environment. “There cabinequal to the other Brauds, is ergonomicair-conditioned and able to offer excellent views in all conditions thanks to standard LED lights “ points out Ferretti.

Bread 11.90 X Multi from New Holland

From the air-suspended seat, the driver drives the 11.90 X Multi easily thanks to multifunction handle armrests and the color touch screen Intelliview IV 26.4 cm, attached to a slide rail along the right posts.

The use of the combine is even easier with some options: the Row tracking system based on GPS for locating the collected files and the telematics system PLM Connect. The complete telematics option, including the Intellifield moduleallows you to split the paths in case of using several combine harvesters on the same field and to use the machines in the best possible way.

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