Can you fail primary school?

The process of learning for children on elementary it can be long and sometimes complicated, and it may happen that by the end of the year the children have not acquired all the skills and knowledge necessary for the following year.

Whose primary school is now over, children and parents are looking forward to grade books school, to understand what their children’s actual state of knowledge is. If many are preoccupied with vote on conduct oral academic achievement, it must be remembered that children are actually only at the beginning of their learning process, of their school careers, where they learn what and how they study. There school should therefore encourage the discovery and nurture of each child’s curiosity and where there are gaps, try to help the pupil (or pupil) by filling in the uncertainty and uncertainty some children.

Still, especially if difficulties have been encountered during the year, parents often wonder if this may be the case. failed elementary school. And above all, on what occasions the refusal is anticipated. It is therefore appropriate to clarify the matter.

You can be rejected in primary school: what does the law say

Contrary to what one might think, the law does not forbid it rejection on elementarybut it deters her by favoring one more inclusive school model. In the final evaluation of primary school students, the school must refer to the legal decree No. 62/2017 and the Ministerial Order No. 172/2020which presupposes that primary school students be admitted to the next class and to the first class of the primary school even in the presence of partially achieved learning levels or in the process of initial acquisition.

This therefore does not mean that it is impossible to fail in primary school, in fact the teachers of the class – once they have reachedunanimity – they can decide that do not admit students in the next class only in exceptional cases and proven for special reasons.

As the then Minister of Education explained Valeria Fedelithat rejection was and is one rare cases and extraordinarily, not because we want to prevent students from repeating the year, but because we ask for an effort for schools. In fact, the Legislative Decree strengthens the mechanism to enable “improvement strategies to support students ‘and weaker students’ achievement of the required levels of learningTherefore, before the school fails a student, it should develop actions that aim to include and even out the gaps and insecurities of the young students and not leave them.

When can you fail primary school?

As expected, rejection is rare but not impossible, in fact there are rare cases where teachers can unanimously decide to have a student repeat the year as in the case exceeding the absence limit allowed during the school year, equivalent to 50. Limit that applies to all students, from primary school to high school. In fact, as established byArticle 14PCS. 7, af Presidential Decree 122/2009Participation of at least three-quarters of the personal annual schedule is required to proceed with the final evaluation of each student.

So as expected, you can only be rejected in primary school in case of abandonment of the school year or for too much absence, a situation involving a marginal group of students: three out of a thousand in first grade and one out of a thousand in the other four basic classes. On the other hand, it will be impossible for one to fail low grade in behavior or too many inadequaciesin fact, keep in mind that the learning process for students is only in the beginning and as such should be encouraged and supported by teachers, by adopting new improvement strategies instead of marginalizing and leaving the small students behind.

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