Behind each quilt there is a story, in Laveno the quilt shows

Behind a rug can lie a long history of traditions and culture. This is the case with quiltthat is, duvets made with recycled pieces of fabric, creating different, unique and original designs.

To discover them, it is possible to visit the current exhibition until Saturday in Laveno Mombello, of the Officine dell’Acqua, organized by the municipal administration with Francesca Miglierina, a local grocer who for many years has approached the world of quilt.

“I became passionate about this art in 1990,” she says. I discovered it through American movies, such as “House on the Prairie,” for example, where I began to see these rugs. I asked and discovered that they are part of a real culture. They have a very old story, the first quilt it was found in Palestine and then they also arrived in Europe ».

A few steps from the lake shore at Lake Maggiore, it is therefore possible to see a completely extraordinary and unique exhibition. The festival is in its second edition and is looking into the occasion shows the extraordinary rugs, made by the American community of Amish. “It is a completely unique exhibition in the worldcontinues Migierina -. These are objects that are rarely exhibited to the public. Community Amish he makes these covers with pieces of cloth set aside and then sells them only in case of extreme necessity », Miglierina continues.

In fact, to tell the story of the rugs on display Jacques Legeret, a Swiss journalist who has collected the precious pieces on display over the years: “Since 1986, I have been fortunate to live in the communities for over two years Amish of Pennsylvania and Indiana and I took it home quilt unique in the world. Almost all ours quilt they come from Amish families we know personally. ‘ And he explains: “Next Saturday I am giving a lecture with unpublished photos about these exotic communities that attracts us: how is it possible to live in the 21st century as in the 17th century and be the best farmers in the world (according to specialists) and have created duvets that American museums cry out to see. In 2019, the Museum of Verona also exhibited part of my collection ».

The exhibition is therefore truly an opportunity not to be missed, and part of the broader program of initiatives that the municipality’s Culture and Tourism Department arranges. In addition, the appointments are also between others workshop (yesterday the first with serigraphy) and in-depth meetings. All with free admission.

Workshop with Francesca Miglierina
By breaking down blocks and reassembling them, a “colorful garden” will be created. Everyone wants a set of fabrics at their disposal to be assembled according to a “fun and creative” technique. We make a 50 x 110 Runner.FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2022
Day off
Opportunity to visit the MIDEC International Museum of Ceramic Design in
Cerro di Laveno
On this occasion, visit the exhibition of LEONOR FINI’s works – Secret.SATURDAY 18 JUNE
Conference day open to the public
10.00 will Dr. CUCITO, born Federico Errati from Mantua, teach you how to “keep your sewing machine healthy” and how to make the most of its possibilities
12.00 Elena Destro by Aurifil Thread
Italian company leader in the production of high-quality cotton yarn, will be available to show the public the development process of a product that in the United States is among the leaders in the ranking of consumption in the field of sewing for patchwork and textile art. 14.30 AMISH, A COMMUNITY WITHOUT TIME by Jaques Légeret. The author will tell us about his experience among the Amish community, and through a guided tour of the exhibition he will tell us about the history, religion, habits and craftsmanship of a people living in 2022 with the habits and style of the 19th century. …SUNDAY 19 JUNE
Quilting day in Lake Maggiore
Gathering to sew in friendship and joy, an ancient patchwork art in Indian “Kawandi” style. Overlays of colored fabrics, cut into small pieces that create unique pieces in the world.For info and reservations Francesca Miglierina 329.4354820.

The quilt festival returns to the Laveno Mombello water workshops with exhibitions and workshops

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