Back to school in September. Giuliani: with the current staff and 100,000 fewer students, we want more teachers to cover the gaps – PODCAST

Via the masks at maturity? “We are of the opinion that the problems at school were and are completely different. However, we see an excess of security. A few days ago there was a concert in Circus Maximus without a mask; and even indoors they are allowed, discos come to mind. “So our manager Alessandro Giuliani in the podcast appointment of Radio Cusano.

So why keep them in the classroom? Let’s think about the oral exam at the state exams, the director continues: “with only one student two meters away from the commission, in an environment with open windows, what’s the problem? In this context, the mask is natural that it is not necessary “.


“I do not expect big news from Taren. TAR can only take note of the law. Faced with a law that prevents epidemics, TAR does not take responsibility for saying so for school year the end of the lessons must be understood ”.


Organic school

“Return to the problems that are closest to students and staff, we point out that next year we will have the same number of employees at the school as always. Classrooms with 28 or 30 students return as if Covid had never existed. “

And at the same time, he clarifies: “We also recognize that the current staff remains unchanged, despite over 100,000 fewer students enrolled in the school year 2022-2023: This means that next year there will be more teachers available and more opportunities for coverage hour gap “make plans and upgrade. The famous reduction of the 10 thousand professorships will in fact only take place according to Decree 36 of 2026”.

“There are still unrest – he adds – who are not happy with the way the negotiations on the renewal of the contract are going or with the progress of Decree 36. A new meeting is planned at Aran, but there is no good news, the money is it, “At the moment, we are hoping for the new budget law for the 2022-2024 contract, and in the hypothesis that the government will decide to revise the really modest figures for school salaries,” concludes Alessandro Giuliani on the subject of the contract.

Do schools form competencies that can be used in the labor market?

Guys do not like working in the company: it’s the new topic that Alessio Moriggiprogram director of the Radio Cusano program, director Giuliani asks for a statement.

“A study from the Northeast Foundation went to consult companies to learn about the relationship between companies and young people. Apparently – explains the director – two out of three companies struggle to find young people and have realized that there is no such appeal on their part. It seems that there is not much interest in the lack of professional growth paths ”.

It would at least be a question of “lack of mutual love, because in return companies realize that it does not pay to invest in young people who do not have the right skills. But here the school and ITS come into play ”.

And always on the ITS, he clarifies: “We remember that they involve a few thousand students a year compared to millions of students, which is after all a reform that wants to expand the ITS, the Minister even talked about tenfold them , but today the situation is this.In Veneto we know that there is also a high percentage of young people who do not go to university and who even leave school early to go to work, but even in this case the skills do not exist of companies “.

“There is no contribution from the state to bringing students closer to companies,” concludes director Giuliani. “Perhaps a boy does not have computer technology skills, but if someone gave him them, he could possibly enter the world of work. ; or it could be the role of companies if they were concerned with offering intermediate training between maturity and the world of work, but this passage does not always happen, and in the end we are left with unhappy companies and unhappy students and almost 100,000 jobs that are not fulfilled. Too bad, the number of taken into account No highest in Italy “.

“We are not able to bring together supply and demand for work: a real paradox”.

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