American coffee machine: the guide to choose

Increasingly valued also in Italy, the American coffee it can be defined as an espresso coffee to which hot water is added to dilute it and make it longer. It is precisely the greater presence of water that requires a larger cup to contain it, just think of the classic take-away glasses that allow you to sip this drink even on the go, which is widely used in the United States. For those who would like to enjoy a cup of this international drink At all times, equip yourself with a comfortable American coffee machine it is definitely the right choice. It is a small device created ad hoc to produce an excellent American coffee even at home, available in different variants and models.

Features and requirements

American coffee machines have a fixed structure characterized by the presence of one filter system which may be permanent or replaced by disposable filters, by a water tank and a container for coffee (usually in granules) while it removable carafe it has the function of containing the dispensed beverage. There are simple and basic machines on the market, but also very high-performance devices with extra features. The choice must assess some decisive factors:

  • capacity: the water tank and jug can supply up to 5 cups of coffee if they are medium-sized, but some machines can produce up to 15 cups;
  • power: it can reach up to 1000 Watts;
  • timer: this function allows you to program the ignition of the machine by setting the exact time;
  • thermal carafe: it is able to keep the coffee warm even for several hours, especially if it is made of glass;
  • automatic cleaning: allows automatic washing of the entire circuit;
  • take away thermocross: Some models include a thermo mug that can be comfortably taken from home.

American coffee machine: 4 models to choose from

Here is a selection of American coffee machines with a modern and innovative design.

  1. Klarstein American coffee machine. With its 900 watts of power and the permanent nylon filter, this unit allows you to get up to 15 cups of coffee for a maximum volume of 1.5 liters. It is equipped with EasyTouch Control function, LCD display, adjustable intensity and 24 hour hours. The use is very simple and intuitive, and it is possible to choose the intensity of the aroma by choosing between different levels. Pros and cons. The modern design, the small dimensions (16.5 x 32.5 x 22 cm) and the EasyTouch function, which allows the control of touch controls, are certainly the strengths of the device. The permanent filter must be carefully disinfected.
  2. Aicok American coffee machine. Digital and automatic, it boasts 1000 watts of power and a programmable timer. It can dispense up to 12 cups of coffee in the ultra-resistant glass carafe with a comfortable non-slip handle. The filter basket is easy to remove and allows for easy and thorough cleaning. Measures 18 x 20 x 30 cm. Pros and cons. An innovative feature allows you to pause the boiling of the mixture to obtain a first cup of concentrated coffee that keeps the beverage temperature for up to 40 minutes.
  3. Electrolux American coffee machine. Made of stainless steel and boasting 1100 watts of power, it is equipped with a PureAdvantage water filter, removable water tank, LCD display and graduated glass jug on both sides. The carafe has a capacity of 12 cups of coffee or 1.65 liters. The hotplate allows you to keep the temperature for 40 minutes. There is the programmable automatic start function for 24 hours. Pros and cons. The AromaStrength aroma intensity selector allows you to select and adjust the intensity of the coffee by dosing the taste and aroma.
  4. Ariete American coffee machine. Make 4 to 12 cups of delicious long coffee, always hot and tasty. Thanks to the built-in timer and the LCD display, it is possible to program coffee delivery within 24 hours. There is a tempered glass jug support plate which keeps the drink warm for about half an hour. The filter holder is removable and easy to wash, while the power is equal to 2000 watts. Pros and cons. The anti-drip system allows you to stop pouring the coffee when you remove the jug, and then resume by pressing the pause & server button.

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