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A summer full of initiatives and meetings that will be opportunities to meet, share, amaze: Following the preview on Sunday, June 12 in Revigliasco, the summer schedule for Moncalieri Summer Experience 2022. Schedule ending only Saturday, September 24th, with the great festival of libraries, immersed in another green: the gardens of the Arduino Civic Library. An offer that goes next door “Moncalieri. Every step, a discovery”arranged by the Municipality, which lasts until 23 July.

60 events in 8 different locations

In the planning of the approximately 60 planned events,Moncalieri Institute of Culture it was supported by dozens of partner associations that created a balanced mix of music, dance, theater, entertainment, circus, magic, nature. To the most important strategic places – Rose Garden, Cascina Le Vallere, Arduino Civic Library, Limone Theater Foundries – there are several other places in everyday life, such as churches, including Collegiate and the most suggestive villages.

Moncalieri more and more cities in the green

Summer experience it is nothing but the ‘live’ variation of our strategic asset Moncalieri City in the green – sums up the cultural councilor Laura Pompeo – che benefits from the best of the places the city has to offer. From this point of view, the programming will start at Cascina Le Vallere in 2020, a place for which the municipality has established a specific usage agreement withPark Authority of the Po and Torinese Hill, represented a real turning point that became a new strength in our system, much appreciated from the public and functional, together with Rosenhaven and the Royal Palace “.

Culture and green are confirmed as the focal point of everything: “We have never stopped investing in that direction, right from the reopening of the Royal Palace in 2017, to international events produced by us such as. Fiorile, The price of the rose and the conference Dialogues about the landscape (which is celebrating its seventh edition in mid-July with a two-day focus dedicated to The global garden: the choice of the ecological transition). Eventually, to reach the city’s acquisition and the start of restoration work The castle’s historical park “, continues Councilor Pompeo, who is also Vice-President of the Executive Committee for the Management of the CollinaPo Biosphere Reserve and Adviser to the Management Body of the Protected Areas of Piedmont Po.

Pompeo: “A partnership to grow further”

“The most intense design developments come precisely from the design in the area that has already been deployed for the second year in a row, also thanks to the apiary, which we placed there last year, in Green week of the European Union. All thanks to a consolidated relationship with the Department of Agricultural Sciences Regret it by Professor Marco Devecchi, our scientific partner for 7 years, and to Compagnia di San Paolo who chose our project MonVert for the improvement of the historic park and the Moncalierese green area, financed by 80,000 euros as part of the tender Next generation we“.

The paths of the hill (part of the CollinaPo Biosphere Reserve, MaB UNESCO since 2016, while the castle is classified as a UNESCO heritage in 1997), the circle of old vineyards, the magnificent gardens and the river park, which adorn the surrounding landscape, which together with the architectural richness of the historic center makes the city of Moncalieri a real tourist attraction.

There is free admission to all events unless otherwise stated. Reservation recommended.

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