Wooden houses: what makes them so special, more than brick houses?

Have you ever wondered what does wooden houses so special, more than the classic brick and concrete houses?

The answer to this question is complex because the benefits of wood and houses made with this material are many and in this article we will illustrate them all in detail!

Get ready, because if you hesitated to buy a wooden house, you will discover a whole new world full of benefits.

What are wooden houses?

A wooden house is a building made exclusively of wood and offers a lot of benefits, both in terms of living comfort and economy, thanks to the various properties that a natural raw material such as wood offers.

There are different types of buildings with wooden structures:

  • habitable houses,
  • Garden sheds,
  • Wooden garage,
  • Canopies and Pompeian.

Each of these structures can be built according to your needs and budget, as well as choose whether you want to buy a prefabricated solution that you can make limited changes to, or customize, starting from scratch.

Keep in mind that habitable wooden houses are real homes, with foundations and all required there is a need in everyday life (therefore toilets, sanitary water, gas and electricity, it is up to you to choose which users to activate).

The main characteristics of wooden houses

The main aspects that make wooden houses so special and more popular than brick houses are:

  • Durability,
  • Mechanical properties of wood,
  • Quick assembly,
  • low cost,
  • Energy efficiency,
  • Possibility of customization.

Let us analyze each of these features in detail to understand what makes them so special and better than brick houses.

The durability of wooden houses

One of the many benefits of wooden structures, not just wooden houses, is their durability; they can last for hundreds and hundreds of years if made that way and with first-choice materials.

An example that confirms this “rule” is the Japanese temples: they Tōdai-ji is an ancient Japanese temple, located in the city of Nara – in Japan – which is still used and dates back to 700.

Tōdai-ji is not the only building in the world built of wood, but it is also possible to find others; the secret is to perform careful and constant maintenance several times a year.

Mechanical properties of wood

Wood is a very versatile material that can be used for the construction of many objects or actually buildings. In the market there are several wooden buildings, not only habitable houses but also recording studios and laboratories / shops, garages, gazebos, libraries, temples and so on and so forth.

In addition, wood has excellent properties, such as high tensile, compressive and bending strength, and is very elastic (which is why it is very common in areas with high seismic risk).

Finally, the low dead weight is also a significant advantage, which makes the wood easily transportable and workable.

Collection speed

The speed with which it is possible to install a wooden house is a strong point; in fact, it is possible to build a small house on your own land, have all the pieces ready within a few weeks – depending on the size of the structure and the chosen manufacturer -.

This benefit is to consider especially for those who need to have a new home ready right away and do not have time to wait. Also for a brick house of the same size, the construction time is much longer.

The final price for a wooden house

What makes wooden houses a step up from brick houses is the final price, as in the former it is significantly lower than in brick houses.

Once you have purchased the land, you will have to worry about buying the house, and if you want to turn it into a full-fledged home, you will need to build the foundation. Know that there are solutions on the market of 50 sqm starting from € 14,000 – and included in the price you will have any changes to the project, for a prefabricated house, and assembly -.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the most crucial aspects that has made wooden houses so popular all over the world from ancient times to the present day.

By choosing a wooden house built with top quality materials and valid construction techniques, you can reduce climate and heat consumption by up to 60%; this is because wooden houses allow you to maintain an ideal microclimate 365 days a year, without the need for insulation or anything else, to avoid air leaks.

The adaptation

One last aspect that makes wooden houses unique is the possibility of adaptation: do not think of these housing solutions as mountain huts, but as very modern houses with flat roofs and numerous light points that will allow natural light to illuminate the interior spaces.

You can choose a prefabricated project and change it to your liking, or decide to create a bespoke design based on your personal taste and needs.

A value constructor

Finally, let us now discuss the importance of the constructor. In fact, it makes no sense to talk about all the characteristics of wood and wooden houses if they are not associated with a valid builder who is able to design and build according to valid techniques and who favors the longevity and resilience of the wood. itself..

Among the many builders of wooden houses that we have discovered over the years, Master Case we were struck by the values ​​and ethics he works with. Maestro Case is a company that produces wooden buildings, from small houses to garages, not forgetting homes and pergolas, in Italy and Europe, according to reliable standards and only selects top quality wood that comes from forests with controlled growth in Northern Europe. We recommend that you take a look at the various Maestro Case proposals directly on the official website, where you can find prefabricated or customized solutions. If the catalog is not exhaustive, you can contact customer service to suggest your idea and make your housing dream come true!

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