Sestri: Andersen Festival, national premiere “Dardust” and initiatives for children

From segreteria of the Andersen Award & Festival

In recent days, Sestri Levante has welcomed thousands of people from all over Italy to the 25th Andersen Festival, exceeding expectations: After a two-year pandemic, audiences have returned to fill audiences for theater, concerts, children’s performances, street performers and storytelling meetings!

The great quality of the proposed events and the proposal from the city for the two seas garnered an extraordinary response from the public, which filled all the seats dedicated to appointments for young and old, culminating Sunday night with hundreds of people in the Bay of Fables for Vasco Brondi has chosen the 25th Andersen Festival to start with the trip to Go, where your heart explodes.

But that’s not all!
The Andersen Festival – supported and promoted by Sestri Levante Municipality and produced by Mediaterraneo Servizi – ends on Sunday 19 June with many events for children and with another national premiere concert: Dardust with piano and strings.
All with free and free admission.

A particularly exciting moment was the procession of 900 girls and boys from the schools of Sestri Levante – from infant centers to secondary schools – who marched with the Caravan of the Pacifici through the city center until they gathered in the bay of fables and delivered to Mayor Valentina Ghio the silhouettes made of them to represent children currently living in war zones. The small paper figures were then exhibited in all the clubs and shops in the center, as a symbolic gesture.

Also very popular is the part of the festival dedicated to the realities of the world, which has always been a significant moment at the Andersen Festival, and this year also with a space dedicated to Ukrainian citizens who are currently refugees in the area and supported by the municipality of Sestri Levante during this difficult period. People who wanted to make their contribution by actively attending the meeting organized by Médecins Sans Frontières with a choir of women who performed two traditional Ukrainian songs and donated a rosette with the colors of their country to the mayor and the public. Reality of the world has always used the performing arts to open windows to international issues and emergencies, an approach that reflects the values ​​of the municipal administration and which in recent years has consolidated the relationship with MSF.

The Andersen Festival continues with the fairy tales told to children by the Compagnia dei Somari in CARROUSEL (Friday the 17th, Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th at the ruins of Santa Caterina from 3pm to 7pm); with Yoann Boyer and Tommaso Rolando, who in WHEN THE NIGHT GETS on will accompany the audience on a walk at dusk with music and dance to perceive the mystery of the night and the sense of community (Friday 17 at 21.00, traveling from the bay of silence in San Nicolò ); with Roberto Capaldo and SCOIATTOLO E LEO, a new story for children by Casa dolce casa (Saturday the 18th at the Ruderi di Santa Caterina at 5pm); with Sara Natoli and her CIRCO DELLE API for a lawn theater, where a beekeeper enters the stage with a beehive, from which come magical tools that through various circus techniques will tell children about the lives of bees (Sunday the 19th in the ruins) of Santa Caterina at 18.00) and finally with the DARDUST concert for piano and strings in the National Premiere (Sunday the 19th in the Bay of Silence at 21.30).
All events are open and free

Andersen OFF, the safety event offered by the best companies in the area, also continues, also promoted by Sestri Levante Municipality and supported in the organization by Mediaterraneo Servizi. All events are open and free.

At GIARDINI MARIELE VENTRE, four shows for children will be performed with: the junior company MDA from Momas Dance Academy with ALICE, a dance performance freely inspired by the famous novel by Lewis Carroll (Friday the 17th at 6pm); the Argentine artist Manshula, who with a show between street theater and circus will try to arrange a party and become a fantastic PARRANDA (Saturday 18th at 6pm); the theater performance OLIVER TWIST by Kulturforeningen Lupus in Fabula (Saturday 18 at 21.00); MIRO, THE SMALLEST CIRCUS IN THE WORLD with Compagnia dei Menditanti (Sunday the 19th at 18.00).

Three sporting moments on Saturday the 18th in MANDELA PARK with ASD Atletica Levante for ATHLETICS TEST for children in the intermediate stage (from 9.00 to 12.00); PUMP TRACK for children from 6 years who want to try to approach the discipline mtn / bmx (from 10.00 to 12.00), to which the demonstrative race IL RE DELLA PUMP is connected, open to all children from 6 years (16.00)) ; DOUBLE SPRINT of athletics by ASD Atletica Levante, with an event reserved for FIDAL members (from 15.30 to 19.30).

And again on Saturday 18 June, Andersen offers OFF:

at 11.00 in Sala Bo in Palazzo Fascie Rossi, the inauguration of the SENSOLTRE exhibition, a tactile path that can be enjoyed by all in the same way through the multisensory experience, out of sight. Sensoltre is the first multisensory path in the dark between tactile paintings created by Informatici Senza Frontiere APS using NFC (nearby communication) technology. The exhibition continues in the Exhibition Hall on the second floor until 26 June (Mon-Fri 9.00-13.00 and 16.00-22.00 / Sat-Sun 9.00-13.00 and 17.00-22.00)
18.00 in Piazza Bo, LET US TELL US IN COLORS, a creative workshop for families between music and colors held by the Hakuna Matata Cultural Association.

At you can download the program

We look forward to seeing you in Sestri Levante!

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