SaMoTer Day, back on stage!

SaMoTer is a three-year exhibition whose last edition dates back to 2017: that is why its absence could be felt in the land and construction sector. For the big comeback, from the 3rd to the 7th of May next year, many innovations have been devised, which were presented yesterday at the exhibition venue Verona.

To do the honor of the house is Federico Bricolo, President of Veronafiere: “Despite the six years of absence, we never stopped. The presence of many shipyards has relaunched the entire sector, and the goal of the next edition of SaMoTer will be precisely the capitalization of this recovery. We are planning an edition dedicated to a sector that will see important funds and great opportunities to be seized, and therefore we want to facilitate a dialogue between companies and with institutions.

Then pass the word on to Sara Quotti Tubi, Agritech Area Manager and SaMoTer event manager, which presents the many innovations from an organizational point of view: The 31st edition of the exhibition will be dedicated to earthmoving, lifting drilling, quarry machinery, components and will be held simultaneously in Asphaltica. With this edition, the “SaMoTer Innovation Award” is born, dedicated to the development of mechanical construction equipment, which can be registered from July, while the award ceremony will take place on 23 February. The next day (February 24, 2023) there will be “B2Press”, dedicated to meetings between exhibitors and the Italian and international press in the construction sector.

Great news – adds Quatti Tubi – is SaMoTer Lab, a specific area of ​​the fair dedicated to innovation for sustainability. We will talk about sustainability in a very concrete way: The themes will be electrification, hybrid machines, software, the digital construction site, but above all how to optimize the use of machines, reduce costs and increase safety. The ‘laboratory’ will above all be an opportunity for discussion and training: we will try to fill the great educational need that is in the sector. For example, we have a large amount of data collected by machines, but we do not know how to use them. We will try to provide concrete solutions to these issues. The aim is to create a network of stable synergies between actors in the sector, research and institutions. “

Then we move on to the presentation of Asphaltica city Michele Turrini, President of Siteb (Italian roads and bitumen). The event, which was born about twenty years ago to represent the road supply chain, is being held for the sixth time by the Verona trade fair. “Our sector felt the need to discuss the content with conferences and seminars. Road pavement is an index of progress for a country. Thanks to Industry 4.0, the sector has received a significant boost in recent years. In the first months of 2022, the results were not so brilliant due to the expensive energy, but we are quite optimistic for the second half of the year.. “

Construction machinery: how the sector is doing

Stefano Fantacone, Scientific Director of CER (Centro Europa Ricerche), presents the international and Italian trends in the construction machinery sector and the forecasts for 2022. The outbreak of war in Ukraine has prolonged the disruption of trade with the Asian production platform. “We are losing what were the benefits of globalization, while the inflation that we have not seen for decades is resurfacing, but despite the price increases and the revision of monetary policy, we are still in an expansive phase of the global economy. In Italy in particular, the growth rate fell, but the service sector (tourism) recovered. The construction sector is still expanding thanks to public investment from NRP. Machine sales grew by 30% in 2021, and the outlook is also good for this year (+ 11.8%). Despite the slowdown in industrial production globally, demand is still strong.“After a careful analysis of inflation in Europe and the rise in prices of fossil and non-fossil raw materials, Fantacone concludes:”Although manufacturing is in moderate decline, construction continues its growth trend and supports the Italian economy despite the previously very negative forecasts. After the peaks in sales of construction machinery in 2021, the sector continues to grow, especially for excavators (+ 29.5%), telehandlers and road machinery, with an average growth of 11.8%.

Industry professionals in comparison

The morning concludes with a talk show on current issues in the sector.

David Bazzi, CEO of Komatsu Italia Manufacturingconfirms the data presented by Fantacone: “In land relocation, growth is constant and we are quite calm because no orders have been canceled“.

he adds Mario Spinelli, CEO of Wirtgen Italia: “As for the import of road machinery, the sector, which has grown tremendously since 2018, will also see similar volumes for 2022 (+ 40%), also because orders are 6/8 months before deliveries. The recent decline is due to the rise in commodity prices and the fact that some of our customers felt it was more profitable to stay for a while. Although the cycle of machine replacement will not be endless, we will be able to count on after-sales activity (rental, maintenance), but it is difficult to make predictions in such a schizophrenic market.

Gianmarco Ronco, Marketing & Communication Manager for Cifa – Concrete Machinery, points out that in the concrete machinery sector, on the other hand, there are component supply problems that will weigh on growth, whose forecast of 17% will certainly be halved. “It is true that the rejuvenation of the machine fleet will end, but construction sites will continue and we will still close with growth, I also believe in 2023. “

Stefano Fantacone, David Bazzi, Mario Spinelli and Gianmarco Ronco

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