Registration status of teachers and ATA: what it is and what it is for how it is displayed on SIDI. GUIDE

We propose a focus dedicated to the matriculation examination, a document that is unknown to the vast majority of the school’s staff, but of crucial importance for each individual employee’s professional career and for each individual personal journal. We therefore provide below some useful clarifications to provide a reference background and clarify some essential concepts that can facilitate teachers and ATAs in the approach to student status (e.g. calculation for use of contractual institutions such as leave and permits, etc.).

What is it about.

The cadastral status is a document that illustrates the entire employee’s legal and payroll management: It contains all the information about the employment relationships that the teacher / ATA has had with the school administration. And it is precisely the task of school offices and educational institutions to load all information regarding employment relationships with the employee into the system, and update the personal folder. Think about:

  • all the services provided at the various educational institutions;
  • Absence due to illness or leave and other contractual and / or legal institutions;
  • Leave of any kind used by the employee during his / her professional career;
  • The disciplinary sanctions imposed;
  • Command measures, deployment measures;
  • Career building initiatives, career reorganization initiatives, reunions, redemption initiatives, etc.

This is how you see it.

The school administration (ie the school offices and school secretariats) visualize, and possibly download in pdf, matriculation status from SIDI (Education Information System), by following this path: “School Person Folder”  “Legal Management”  “Matricular” Status “” Inquire cadastral status “or” Print cadastral status “.

Users of schools and USPs can use these features to view, for school staff, personal data and family status, role data, non-role service data from the contract archive, absence and position status, data from the previously declared services, the reconstruction and classification data and redemption data and reunions. In addition, users will be able to print the service certificate, the legal curriculum for both the role and non-role section, summary and analytical statement of previous services, the legal-economic positions, redemption and reunification data and status complete serial. number.

What it contains.

The document bears the Ministry of Education’s logo, the reference region school office and the name of the service school.

On the first page there are the employee’s references:

  • The Tax Act
  • Surname and name
  • Place of birth and date of birth
  • Personal type
  • Legal status
  • Property rights
  • School order / Department type
  • In service it
  • Competition class

We therefore move on to “service declaration “, i.e. the part dedicated to the chronological list of the non-permanent benefits performed (with specification of benefit type, activity type, start date and end date, weekly schedule, social security situation). In this section it is also possible to find the services performed in other administrations (municipalities, universities, etc.) and the military service.

This section is of primary importance, not only with regard to the legal and remuneration management of the employee’s career and career rebuilding process, but above all with regard to the pension benefits to which the employee will be entitled (for a correct classification of his insurance position).

The next part is dedicated to “legal curriculum“: This is a summary table of the services performed (with start and end dates and indication of the service school or service province), of entry into the role, of confirmation of the role, transfers, absence of the worker (leave, illness, leave, etc.).

The next page indicates the details of any provisions for the recognition of benefits, the wage classification and any wage increases.

The last part is dedicated to any calculation, redemption or reunification measures, specifying the registration number and date.

Employee’s right to see registration status.

It is recalled that each school employee has the right to view and extract a copy of the documents in their personal file, including student status, at the formal and / or informal request of the school secretariat and in accordance with the general legislation regarding. right of access to the acts provided for in Article 22 et seq. of Law 241/90.

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