Principal of Castronno asks for time and comparison for the Sant’Alessandro school

It is too early to reason about the closure of the Marconi school in Sant’Alessandro. The dean of the inclusive Castrono Institute is convinced of this, Gabriella Cicolini. After reading in the weekend’s posts letters and articles triggered by the mayor’s proposal to close the school due to lack of students, The principal sends an open letter to the mayor and parents asking for time and space for discussion before making such a drastic decision.

Mayor of Castronno: “Few children, we are considering closing the Sant’Alessandro school”

In his letter (reproduced in full below), he recalls the benefits and peculiarities of the Sant’Alessandro school and suggests that involve the adjacent municipal administrations in the management of the complex by opening a moment to listen to the community, which will allow us to peacefully reach the January registrations for the school year 2023-2024.

Dear Mr Mayor, Dear citizens of Caserta,

I have read carefully what has been announced these days regarding the choice to close the Marconi complex in Sant’Alessandro from the 2023/2024 school year.
The reasons given, as Mr Mayor himself says in the last passage of his speech, speak clearly to the “head”, are rational and are supported by economic reasons (although they may not be so consistent). But there is also a “heart” to which Mr. Mayor refers … And this “heart” says about everything that a school complex, a SCHOOL, represents for its territory. It therefore speaks of what the “Marconi” school in Sant’Alessandro represented and still represents for the place where it was built.

A small reality surrounded by greenery, experimenting with avant-garde teaching methods such as outdoor teaching, which for years has offered children yoga and mindfulness, psychomotor, pet therapy, gardens, music, a school that has always tailored training courses. A recognized excellence in the area, an attraction far beyond municipal boundaries, with an important role in the history of Castronnos and other neighboring municipalities, whose children have frequented it for decades.

As for the future of the Marconi school, we would very much like to think that the administrations can cooperate, be subsidiaries (the constitution allows for this …) to support their own school, a school open to all. Education is, let us not forget, the heart of a community, and school is the privileged place where it is promoted. In this historic moment, where boundaries and boundaries are drawn, Is a school involving more than one municipality not a good example of an educational community?

I would like to ask the Mayor for a moment of reflection, allowing you to fully listen to your area, your people and even the school, so far – and we are amazed – not heard on the subject.
A decision of this magnitude cannot be made in a short time and without weighing the consequences for the whole comprehensive institute and thus for the families of Castronno and Caronno Varesino.

I would also ask you to let the registration phase for the school year 2023/2024 take place calmly. Observing its progress and noting the results will be a way to sincerely listen to the heart of one’s territoryseek any confirmation of the good in their choices or find the strength to rethink them, and share with the Comprehensive Institute and with the other administrations involved the continuation of the Marconi school’s pedagogical-didactic activity.

Rector Gabriella Cicolini
Comprehensive Institute “E. De Amicis” CASTRONNO

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