Ordinary childhood and primary competition 2016, which rankings no longer apply to registrations for the role

Entries in the role of kindergarten and primary school, for the academic year 2022/23, will take place on an ordinary basis of GaE and GM and on an extraordinary basis of GPS, the first support band. Since GMs in 2016 the competition is no longer valid for recruitment.

Employment phases

For the school year 2022/23, in kindergarten and primary school, recruitment is divided into two phases:

  1. ordinary entry into the rolededucting 50% from bankrupt GMs and 50% from GaE;
  2. extraordinary employment on the support positions remaining from the previous phase, from the first support band GPS (in this case, the applicants are employed in the 2022/23 academic year on a time-limited basis, they complete the probationary period and also take a disciplinary test, therefore they are employed in the role of the following school year with effect from 1 September 2022 or, if later, from the date of commencement of the service in the school year 2022/23 after passing the probationary period and disciplinary examination). This procedure follows from the provisions of Article 5-ter of Legislative Decree No 228/2021, which was amended to Law No 15/2022, which extended and limited it to cover only posts, the extraordinary recruitment procedure from GPS first band of common position and aid as 2021/22, provided for in Article 59/4 of Legislative Decree 73/2021, transformed into Law No … 106/2021.

That “Speed ​​dial“, Recruitment procedure introduced, starting from the academic year 2020/21, from Article 1, para. 17-17 Sept., in Legislative Decree No. 126/2019, amended to Act No. 159/2019, and suspended only for 2021/22 by Article 58, para. 2 – letter b), in Decree No. 73/2021, amended to Act No. 106/2021. Without prejudice to any new suspension measures Speed ​​dial should take place and the Ministry should clarify whether it will precede or follow the exceptional appointments mentioned in point 2 above.

Ordinary employment

As part of the ordinary phase, as mentioned above, accession to the role takes place by subtracting 50% from the rankings until they are exhausted, and 50% from the merit rankings of the competition.

As part of the 50% allocated to GMs, recruitment is made by drawing on the following GMs and according to the percentages given:

  1. GM Ordinary Competition 2016: all vacancies and vacancies intended for competitions;
  2. GM Extraordinary Competition 2018 (plus any extra tape): 50% of the seats available minus seats allocated to GM 2016 (hence 50% of the seats remnants from hires of GM 2016), as required by Article 4 (1). 1st quarter, in Legislative Decree no. 87/2018, amended to Act no. 96/2018 [ in sostanza si procede ad assumere dalle GM 2018, soltanto se residuano posti non attribuiti dalle GM 2016, posti dei quali solo il 50% è destinato  alla procedura in esame (GM 2018); ricordiamo che il decreto sostegni-bis, lo scorso anno, aveva incrementato tale percentuale innalzandola al 100%];
  3. GM ordinary competition 2020 (how clear: the publication of the first GMs has already begun): 50% of the remaining positions from the employment of GM 2016 (therefore, the remaining positions from GM 2016 are split halfway between the extraordinary 2018 and ordinary 2020 competition) and in any case the positions that remain vacant after the appointments mentioned in the previous points.

With regard to point 3, we clarify that the proportion of places allocated to the ordinary 2020 competition (50% of the remaining places from GM 2016), for recruitments such as 2022/23, should be greater than anticipated after the return of places for the specific and last year allocated in addition to GaE and for GM 2018 (which the Decree-Support bis had already allocated 100% of the remaining posts from GM 2016), to ensure maximum coverage of the places intended for recruitment.

GM 2016

In it GM 2016pursuant to Act 107/2015, ie winners (ie those who have returned to the number of forbidden places) plus 10% of eligible (ie those who have passed all the competition tests but are not included in the number of places announced). Subsequently, the provisions of Act No. 205/2017, all eligible have been rated on lists including those eligible for more than 10%.

As already mentioned, 100% of the vacancies and vacancies are awarded to GM 2016 within the 50% of the places allocated to the competition’s merit ranking. However, we would like to point out that some 2016 GMs and related lists of suitable candidates cannot be used for 2022/23 recruitments as they are no longer valid. However, the winners’ right to be hired remains guaranteed, regardless of the validity of the GM, as set out in Article 4 (1). 1quater – letter a), in Legislative Decree No. 87/2018, amended to Act No. 96/2018.

Let’s see which GMs “fall due”.

Five years validity

GM 2016, pursuant to Article 1, section 113, of Act 107/2015, they are valid for three years, starting from the school year after the approval of the same.

Two other legislative measures then intervened against this provision:

  1. there Act No. 205/2017 (2018 Budget Act), which extended the validity of the GMs by one year: The location of the competition referred to in Article 114 (114) of Law No 107 shall remain in force for a further year after the three-year period referred to in Article 400 (1). 01, second sentence, of the consolidated text of the existing legislative provisions on education relating to schools at all levels, as to Decree-Law of 16 April 1994, n. 297;
  2. that DL No. 126/2019amended into Law No 159/2019 (Article 1 (18)), which extended the validity of the GM by a further year: The merit rankings and the additional lists of the competition referred to in Article 1, Section 114 of the Act of 13. July 2015, n. 107, retains their validity for a further year in addition to the period mentioned in § 1, section 603, of Act no. 205.

That GM 2016 and the lists of suitable candidatesso, they are valid for five yearsstarting from the school year after the approval of the same:

  • 3 “ordinary” years + 1 year extension (Budget Act 2018) + 1 year extension (DL 126/2019)

The above was also mentioned in the operating instructions regarding employment in the role of 2021/22:

We take this opportunity to remind you that Article 1, Section 18, of Legislative Decree of 29 October 2019, No. 126, converted with amendments by Act of 20 December 2019, No. 159, extended by another year – in addition to the period provided for in section 1, section 603, of Act No 205 – the period of validity of the merit rankings and the additional lists of competitions announced in accordance with Article 1, section 114, of Act No. 107 (bankruptcy proceedings announced with DD.DD.GG. 23 February 2016, Nos. 105, 106 and 107); therefore, only the additional lists of rankings published after the beginning of the 2016/2017 school year will remain in force for recruitment for the school year 2021/2022, always without prejudice to the winners’ right to be admitted to the role .

Which expires

Given that the GMs have a duration of five years from the school year after approval, the 2016 GMs and related lists of suitable candidates will be published after the start of the school year. 2016/17 can no longer be used for admission to the role of 2022/23. These lists were actually valid for five school years:

  1. 2017/18;
  2. 2018/19;
  3. 2019/20;
  4. 2020/21;
  5. 2021/22.

As mentioned above, the winners’ right to be hired for an indefinite period remains valid. Consequently, the “expiration” of GM and the additional lists affect only those teachers who were eligible but not winners. We point out that the affected teachers, not only the suitable ones but also the winners, had the opportunity to get into the extra band of GM 2018 which, as it is exhausted, will guarantee permanent employment.

Finally, those eligible for the 2016 primary and regular children’s competition, included in the GM and additional lists published after the start and then during the academic year. 2016/17, they will no longer be able to access the rolethrough these locations.

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