Marco Sgarlata from Ragusa wins the national “Billiards & School” championship

The National Championships “Billiards & School” were held in Cervia from 3 to 5 June; almost a hundred students belonging to about 30 colleges, from all over Italy competed for the national student titles for the various specialties of billiards. The E. Fermi high school team did well with Marco Sgarlata winning the individual national title in the carambole specialty, Antonio Campo 3rd ranked and Andrea Amica 4th ranked.

This is a very prestigious sporting result, which has seen Ragusa High School from 2015 to today always be present at the highest steps on the podium. Great satisfaction with the results achieved was expressed by the director Dr. Ornella Campo, who strongly wished for the restart of the “Billiards & School” project after the covid break, by Prof. Roberto Criscione, head of the project, and by Roberto Turlà, Federal Instructor.

Liceo Scientifico E. Fermi from Ragusa has believed in the “Billiard & School” project since 2014, a project that stems from the protocol between Miur, Fibis (Italian Federation of Sports Billiards) and Coni, and which sets itself several ambitious goals: on the one hand to disseminate the various specialties in the field of billiards among the young people in 2nd grade high school and encourage their participation in competitive activities, on the other hand to provide game elements that are useful for deepening scientific topics such as physics, geometry, mathematics .

The playing tools and dynamics that regulate the movements of the balls on the pool table allow you, from a practical point of view, to elaborate on concepts and rules that children study in the aforementioned scientific subjects during their school careers. The young man who decides to experiment with the sport of billiards will be an actor and sports protagonist in the aforementioned aspects.

Liceo Fermi believed with great participation and enthusiasm in the “Billiards & School” project to dedicate and equip a specific billiard room equipped with an international billiard table, Glue, PC, video camera placed above the game table.

The boys who decide to participate in the project participate through the sports group in the course held by a federal instructor, participate in training and study, from a practical point of view, the statements of physics.