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According to a survey conducted by the European Commission, one important fact emerges: 60% of Europeans have a pessimistic vision for the future two years after the start of the pandemic. A percentage that catches a “sentiment” that is nothing short of worrying, underlined even more by the recent war between Russia and Ukraine.

For all those who feel that they have given so much to life, but who at the same time feel that they have not yet reaped the rewards despite the efforts and energies added, the book on Lorenzo Napolitano “THE TALENTS OF THE SOUL. The hero’s 27 letters to listen to yourself and realize all your potential by rediscovering prosperity, joy and love, thanks to spiritual development ”(Bruno Editore). Inside, the author shares with his readers the guide that allows them to find their mission in life.

“My book is about how to build a path of rebirth. It does so by addressing the phases and dynamics that we sooner or later in the course of earthly existence are all forced to go through. The dynamics that are often unclear us, which is going to condition a large part of our choices and not always in a positive way “, says Lorenzo Napolitano.The author of the book adds: “I have idealized and structured the content of my writings in 27 letters. The same as a hero decides to write to his soul, to give it strength through his own deliberations and to accompany it towards its rebirth “.

According to Lorenzo Napolitano, the path to inner rebirth goes through the rediscovery and expression of one’s talents, on a real journey of inspiration, introspective and spiritual, aimed at implementing and realizing what the hero states in his letters, to finally reach a state of true well-being . The same that each of us wants and deserves from his own life.

“The author’s ultimate goal is set forth in the book: to put ourselves in a position to awaken and ignite the flame of renewal that each of us has within,” he urges. Giacomo Bruno, publisher of the book. “The promise that Lorenzo Napolitano wants to make through his manuscript is that by touching the depths hidden in our essence, we can find the necessary impetus to reach ever higher peaks. The same, that can lead us to happiness through the fulfillment of the mission to which each of us is called ”.

“I have chosen to work with Giacomo Bruno first and foremost because I followed my feelings, which the hero of the book constantly states to do with his soul, ”the author concludes. “Throughout this exciting journey, my first feeling was so confirmed by the professionalism, flexibility and transparency that the whole team showed. Bruno Forlag “.

The book is available on Amazon at this address: https://amzn.to/3kFzX0F

Lorenzo Napolitano, today a professional coach, with a strong penchant for spirituality, he began his professional experience as a commercial agent and then went on to the formation of new agents and working groups. He has collaborated with various companies in several commercial areas, including that reserved for credit brokers, and has also gained experience as an entrepreneur. He studied sociology and has been passionate about video making for years. He was in the field of aerial photography, taken from the helicopter, as a photographer and creative responsible for the creation of advertising images. He also enjoys writing and designing comic book sketches. In 2021, he was among the finalists for the Massimo Troisi Award. For info: italentidellanima.raziofollia.it

Giacomo Bruno, born in 1977, electronic engineer, was named by the press as the “father of e-books” for bringing e-books to Italy in 2002 with Bruno Editore, 9 years before Amazon and other publishers. He is the author of 27 bestsellers on personal growth and publisher of 700 books on the topics of personal and professional development. He is considered the best known Italian “book influencer” because every book he promotes or publishes becomes Bestseller n.1 on Amazon in a matter of hours. He is followed by television, news and national press. For info: https://www.brunoeditore.it

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