Locride dreams of becoming Italy’s Capital of Culture 2025

LOCRI 42 municipalities and a single dream: to become Italy’s Capital of Culture 2025. Locride dreams big and does so by virtue of the natural, cultural and artistic beauties that characterize the entire territory. The Gal Terre Locridee proposal was fully supported by the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria, which signed the candidacy, and by the mayors of Locride. There are 16 cities competing in 2025 (Agrigento, Aosta, Assisi, Asti, Bagnoregio, Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria, Enna, Lanciano, Monte Sant’Angelo, Orvieto, Otranto, Peccioli, Pescina, Roccasecca, Spoleto, Sulmona), but never before had such a large area – consisting of as many as 42 municipalities – submitted its candidacy.

The process

The title of Italian Capital of Culture, requested by Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini, is awarded for a period of one year, and the winning city receives one million euros for the realization of the project. Procida has the title for 2022, the capital of Bergamo and Brescia for 2023, and the city of Pesaro will be the Capital of Culture in 2024. The dossier must be submitted by 13 September and will be submitted to the Commission of Inquiry consisting of seven management experts. cultural heritage. A list of the 10 finalists will be prepared by 15 November, while the final evaluation will take place by 17 January 2023.

Places rich in art, history and traditions

The Musaba, created by the artists Nik Spatari and Hiske Maas – symbolically chosen as the “residence” of the candidacy – Gerace, Stilo, the museum and the archeological park in Locri Epizefiri, the Greco-Roman theater in Portigliola, the Roman villa of Casignana, the museum and the archeological park in old Kaulon. These and many others are the riches of a territory that encloses, between the marine surroundings of the Riviera dei Gelsomini, testimonies of the art and culture of ancient Magna Graecia and Roman times, but which also consists of an exclusive intangible heritage preserved in traditions and history . “Locride is one of the richest areas of biodiversity in Europe, both from a natural and cultural point of view, but also as an agricultural practice,” explains Gal Terre Locridee director Guido Mignolli.

The desire to tell “a completely different story”

“Locride, a completely different story”. This is the claim from the campaign in support of the candidacy. The aim is to tell the territory through a lens that highlights the beauties and peculiarities of a “unique country in the middle of the Mediterranean, not yet discovered”. “Another story – says the president of Gal Francesco Macrì to our microphones – which must no longer be what it has been over the years, but must be the story of beauty, culture and fascinating places, but above all about people who want to Macrì spoke of “a revolutionary candidacy for the whole territory”: “It is a first step towards the change that can take place towards Locri and the whole of Calabria.” Locrid’s candidacy represents a cultural and social redemption of the whole territory, said the mayor of Locri Giovanni Calabrese, who added: “We play an important game and we all have the credentials to do so. For years the image of Locride has been dirty but it is finally growing and confirms itself thanks to its cultural and environmental heritage. “If we become Italy’s Capital of Culture 2025 – concluded the Mayor – it will be a success not only for Locride, but for all of Calabria “.

“At the bottom of the candidacy – explained Antonio Blandi, head of the Officina delle Iddi, partner in the initiative – there is a strong programming. We want to continue diversity as a value element, but are thinking about the possibility of developing a unique project with a territory at the center that has so much to say ». In the meantime, a program of cultural events will be held in the coming weeks until the presentation of the case in September. “During the months leading up to the preparation and presentation of the dossier – explained Director Mignolli – Galen, in the territory, will implement the activity program, which includes community workshops or participatory events that will both serve to raise awareness of it. work that takes place, both to give people the opportunity to give their own idea of ​​the project ».

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