International Art and Culture Award at the Palazzo Genovese from Saturday the 18th to Sunday the 26th – Gazzetta di Salerno

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L ‘International Academy of Arts and Culture “Michelangelo Angrisani” presents a week of events for the XXVI edition of the international award “ART AND CULTURE” 2022, international competition for painting, graphics, sculpture, photography, poetry, fiction, baby artists and young poets.

An art and cultural event in the heart of Salerno. The inauguration will take place on Sunday 19 June at 18.00, but the participating works will be open to visitors from Saturday 18.

An exhibition, a literary and artistic prize, two book presentations and performances by artists are what awaits us in the Palazzo Genovese, in via Largo Campo, from 18 to 26 June thanks to the event hosted byThe International Academy of Arts and Culture “Michelangelo Angrisani”.

To explain, it is the founder and chairman of the cultural institution who got his name from him. “I am satisfied and above all grateful for the location that Salerno Municipality has made available to the Academy, in a place of high cultural and tourist value in the historic center of a wonderful city– explained M ° Angrisani -. After several years of presence in Cava de ‘Tirreni, this time the international award “ART AND CULTURE” 2022, international competition for painting, graphics, sculpture, photography, poetry, fiction, baby artists and young poets, now meets in its XXVI edition. a new audience. Participations and works from all over the world will arrive, which will be exhibited all week until the award ceremony on Sunday 26 June. In addition to the works that come from the national territory, we actually want those that come from Spain, Romania, Israel, Tunisia and Macedonia. And even literary works will, as always, have their place; for these, the winners will be announced on Saturday 25 June“.

To bring their greetings during the event will be: The Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Salerno Ermanno Guerra; Archbishop of Amalfi – Cava de ‘Tirreni, HE Msgr.Orazio Soricelli; for the municipality of Cava de ‘Tirreni, the cultural councilor will intervene Armando Lamberti and the education counselor Lorena Iuliano, Elena oystersChairman of the Salernitani Artists Center, Paola La Vallejournalist and author, Fabio Dainotti, poet and literary critic. Leader Franco Bruno Vitolo, journalist and literary critic. The participation of the actor and the ambassador of the smile is also expected Angelo Iannellialias Pulcinella, by the psychologist and TV host Edda Cioffi and the pianist Ernesto Tortorella.

But the Academy, as always, also combines performances by well-known actors and musicians and meetings with established authors who present their works. And this year, two deals are planned.

THE FIRST PRESENTATION – The first Sunday, June 19thduring the event of inauguration of the prizewhich will begin at 18.00will see the journalist and the author Eleonora Davide present his latest novel to the public: Dominus, the code of destiny. The literary critic will talk about the book Franco Bruno Vitolo and the editor’s curator Giovanna della Bellawhile the actor Paolo De Vito will be entrusted with the reading of some passages taken from the novel.

THE PLOT – AD 1116. Hard times for the church. Caesar and God could have returned to their places, but unfortunately the investiture war does not end soon. The Norman, lord of Monte Forte, makes the Pope’s case his own, while a mysterious manuscript casts the menacing shadow of a curse over the castle. Only the elect will be able to solve the old mystery and perform an action that will change history forever. The second episode of Norman Saga opens in the Benedictine convent of SS Salvatore del Goleto many years later …

THE SECOND PRESENTATION – The second appointment takes place Saturday, June 25 at 6 p.m., on the occasion of the selection of the winners of the literary competition. To present his novel How many children do you have? When the expectation of a baby lasts more than nine months from Livia Carandente. Presenting the novel becomes Antonella Cicaledoctor and poet.

THE PLOT – A reading imbued with irony, a completely female story on the theme of the search for children who sometimes arrive late. In the spotlight is a happy, beloved and career woman whose serenity begins to squeak when in her life in exponential numbers there are welcome bellies, bows and rosettes, as well as the indiscreet questions of friends, relatives and neighbors. The novel’s protagonist wonders about the significance of the pain of lack of motherhood, in a tangle of contradictions, laughter, tears and wonder …

ACADEMY – “Academy of Arts and Culture”, founded and established by Maestro Michelangelo Angrisani, a free socio-cultural institution; party political and apolitical; in accordance with the laws of the State (Articles 4/9/18 and 33) of the Constitution and non-profit of the Italian Republic; created for the purpose of contributing to the progress of art, letters and science, so that it can be an opportunity for meetings, debates and comparisons of ideas between artists, literati, essayists, scientists and the public, the Academy “Art and Culture”. “.

It promotes the development of its academics’ ideas, studies, and research; advocates cultural exchanges; urges and supports any useful initiative aimed at developing and improving culture in general; organizes exhibitions and reviews, promotes conventions, meetings, debates and conferences; aims to increase research and studies of every discipline and of every degree on all knowledge.

He brings together the best Italian and foreign talents around him, especially young people, orients them to understand their personal inclinations to work and directs them towards the most appropriate choices during the education process. It intends to disseminate educational methods, to disseminate modern subjects and sciences, to encourage artistic-cultural avant-garde, to carry out socio-cultural activities at national and international level; assist entities and individuals in the form of partnerships pursuing humanitarian, artistic and social purposes, with a view to carrying out social cooperation projects in the territory and in developing countries. The Academy also aims to strengthen the cultural heritage throughout the national territory through research and property management interventions, dissemination, restoration and conservation.

At the Academy’s headquarters is the archive of all documentation concerning the institution itself, the academics and their activities, which can be transferred elsewhere by the President, who also has the faculty to establish delegations for the Academy on the premises considered appropriate, both in Italy and abroad.

The Academy currently has the following delegations: National: Romania, Spain, Croatia, Israel, Brazil, Belgium, Algeria and Tunisia; Regional: Campania, Piedmont, Tuscany, Calabria, Basilicata and Lazio; Province; Naples, Avellino, Campobasso, Bucharest Romania, Latina and Suceava (Romania); Sectors: Sorrento Peninsula (Na), Aprilia Municipality (Lt), Pontinia Municipality (Lt), Latina Scalo (Lt), Cava de ‘Tirreni (Sa).

Show times

Weekdays: 18.00-21.00

Holidays and days before public holidays: 9.00-13.00 / 17.30-21.00

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