Incentives and prices, what happens?

The Fiat 500e remains the best-selling electric in Italy, but the market is not picking up speed.

Incentives and prices, what happens? Two readers are asking for lights, including the sale of electric cars that do not start, price lists and rising interest rates.

incentives and pricesIncentives and prices (1) Why are electric cars not even sold with a bonus?

“VI would like to analyze the situation with your help incentives 2022, which looks exhausted the ceilings for thermal and hybrid, and instead low demand for BEVs. This surprised me, after months of waiting and also the European vote, I expected a rapid depletion of funds. Maybe the problem lies in limited selection of medium-sized BEVs, on the band to understand from 20 to 25 thousand euros?“. Luigi Solazzi.

incentives and prices
The remaining funds on 14/6 in the “traffic light” on the ministry’s website: DKK 187 million. back to electricity (Co2 0-20), 202 mill. for plug-in hybrids (0-20), for thermobiles (Co2 61 – 135) funds used up.

Without companies, electricity cannot be sold

Reply. In all these years, electric cars are mostly sold out to company, with VAT number. In the latest incentive round, the government has decided not to include this large proportion of potential buyers in the bonus, which i.a. tenants, sharing companies… This largely explains why the funds available (remain) 187 million out of 220 initials) is still slightly used. The Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti recently, the possibility of revising the law and also opening up to companies has opened up, without exaggerating too much: we’ll see. Then there is a problem that affects the whole world of cars, including the electric ones. Due to lack of components, production is slow and there are few machines to be delivered. Moreover, it is true, with a very limited selection of battery-powered city cars, the ones that Italians prefer.

incentives and pricesIncentives and prices (2) Should I buy now or wait?

“THATo and my wife would like to buy an electric car: we are already convinced, we have informed ourselves a lot and we are pretty sure we would be happy with it. We have made an offer and although the amount is demanding, we were almost ready to order until … Yesterday, when the news of interest rate hikes dampened our enthusiasm. Gonna be up and running in a bit the mortgage, maybe it’s better to wait. The question that bothers us is: If we wait, will we then pay the car more or less? On the one hand, there are the “obvious” considerations of economies of scale: when volumes rise, prices fall. On the other hand, there is the chip crisis, which is showing no signs of resolving itself, the rise in lithium prices, the prices of cars that are currently rising. Tesla first and foremost, but I also believe in others. Finally, the incentives are bizarre to say the least (our budget largely fell out). And given that this government has already lasted a long time, it will now be at the end of its life, and everything may change. what that would entail the waiting time of a few monthslet’s say up to a year?“. Luciano.

incentives and prices
With the new R5 coming in two years, Renault ensures that the price lists of electric cars begin to fall markedly.

The drop in price lists? For now, the trend is upward …

Reply. It should be in your head Vladimir Putin to answer. How long will this damn war last, which is the source of a good deal (not all) of the problems reported by Luciano? Interest rates and inflation will return to the level they are now we considered “normal”? It is impossible to predict. Let’s say that in the short term, the expected fall in prices will not happen. At the end of May IEA, International Energy Agency warned that the price of batteries it can rise by 15% due to shortages and increases in the cost of components. Which could involve one 5% increase in the final price lists of electric cars. The same Tesla he said that in the short term it will be very difficult for prices to fall, rather seen an upward trend. And also in terms of interest rates, forecasts (also from the Italian central bank) agree that the trend will be upward throughout 2022. In the longer term, however, it is logical to expect significant reductions, with the new generation of cars Renault, Volkswagen, etc .. But not before 2024-2025.


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