In Alessandro Miceli’s menu, taste, design and technology meet

Lthe edition of Salone del Mobile in Milan this year is without a doubt even richer in surprises and events after the boring years due to the pandemic. Among the prominent events in Outside the Salonthe presentation of “Dining & design “the innovative format of Alessandro Miceli kitchen award-winning at the helm from Bella Restaurant & Lounge Dubaithe explosive Italian restaurant in the United Arab Emirates, created in collaboration withArchitect Clara Voce, founder of 1747 Studio Concept & Design and from the “Made in South Italy” menu, “A fresh Sicilian summer“.

Alessandro Miceli

Dine & Design project

Food & Design It is a revolutionary process which aims to unite architects and chefs to create F&B spaces, closely linked to “ingredients” and “materials”. Relationships within these two disciplines are key to the future of the food and beverage sector. Primary goal: to provide a 360-degree experience to the end customer.

Is it actually possible to design restaurants without having a deep understanding of the food we are serving? We can imagine the concepts without the support of the artists we call every day … Chefs?
It is for this reason that Alessandro Miceli and architect Clara Voce (whose studio specializes in the design of restaurants devised around the creations of chefs) will suggest a different level of reading and understanding of cooking recipes, reviews the architectural process and a new way of devising the design of the restaurant built around the chef, who will guide it and his creations. A new way of representing food has thus been developed, born randomly from their encounter with and their instant synergy.


Dine & Design will achieve just this: It will be possible to access all information about the dishes offered through an explanatory graphic that fully describes the food tasted.

A graphic document will be created for each event, a first step towards educating the customer about food both before and after, giving him a true cultural background. Returning to the same place, the dishes will have exactly the same ingredients, from now on traceable, accessible and imprinted in memory.

A logic that in perspective will be applied to the whole project and the design of the restaurant, from the plate to the glass or to the used cutlery, a communicative design format fell on the whole culinary experience, also equipped with a bar code that will indicate the origin of every detail.

An example of Dine Design with Carrubas Cavatelli

An example of Dine Design with Carrubas Cavatelli

Often, especially in these two sectors, we are faced with copies of originals that reduce and contaminate the quality of the whole experience. It is important to start protecting the work of chefs, companies and designers.

In the kitchen as in design, the future lies in traceability, transparency and originality: the true value lies in uniqueness.

The menu “a fresh Sicilian summer” is included in Bella restaurant & Lounge Nft Wallet

The exclusive Miceli Day continued with a dinner entirely dedicated to himwith a menu created especially for the occasion: “A fresh Sicilian summer“.
Menu “Title” by the volcanic chef and his team of Bella Restaurant & Lounge Dubaiproclaimed despite his young story of What’s On, best Italian restaurant 2022 in Dubai in the difficult and competitive market of the Emirate city, it already makes people dream with an explosion of strictly “Made in South Italy” taste and aroma … to enjoy and immerse yourself in an extraordinary culinary experience that sublimely combines food and design.

The menu a fresh Sicilian summer

The menu a fresh Sicilian summer

Following the success of the presentation of Dine & Design, Miceli has put the format into practice for its guests in all respects. The gastronomic experience was too inserted in the Nft Wallet by Bella Restaurant & Lounge as a dinner collection. Therefore, each guest will have the opportunity to download the collectible NFT related to the unforgettable culinary experience.

The presence of the menu consisting of barcodes allowed guests to download the recipes explained in 360 degrees: from the point of view of the architecture of the dish, mise en place, ingredients in short, everything you need to know to be able if they wanted to try , efficiently replicate, independently and comfortably at home, dishes from the volcanic Miceli.

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