Imu. Thursday, June 16 deposit to be paid for 25 million Italians

Payments of 9.5 billion euros out of the 19.6 of the total annual turnover

With the end of the health emergency this year no deferrals are foreseen For payment ofprepayment of Imuthe tax on real estate other than the first dwelling.
No later than Thursday June 16so, 25 million Italians they will have to pay for everything € 9.5 billion.
The total income from the tax on holiday homes, villas, luxury properties, castles and historic buildings (albeit with a deduction of 200 euros) and secondary appliances (basements, garages, sheds, parking lots) will be added at the end of the year. 19.6 billion euros. Because the houses remain one of the main sources of revenue for the public money.
According to a recent calculation of the data collected and processed by the tax authorities in Italy property taxation has actually reached 41 billion euros a year, including Imu, purchase or inheritance taxes, dry coupons and additional taxes.
Just think that in 2021ie common they profited from Imu alone 17.772 billionwith an increase of + 4.9% (equivalent to exactly 824 million euros) compared to the previous year.

Imu 2022 account: who should pay

A report by the Uil Labor, Cohesion and Territory Service calculated that 41% of the taxpayers who have to pay Imu, starting from the advance, are employees and pensionersincluding in holders of use, use, housing, rental and surface rights.
Also for 2022exemption by Imu sui property category “D3“, Or used as a cinema, theater or concert hall. This provided that the owner of the property is also the manager of the business.
A novelty relatesexemptionuntil the time of sale, for i owners of the so-called “goods buildings”, that is, those built by a company for direct use for sale.
News of the opposite sign, concerns Imu for i spouses with separate residences: it will be possible to requestdispensation for only one of the properties, even though these are found in different municipalities.
I am obliged to pay Imufinally too assigned parent to family homethat tenant of properties under financial leasing and concessionaire of state-owned areas.

Imu: how much does it cost

The Uil ratio also calculates average cost of IMU 2022, corresponding to 1,074 euros (with payment of 537 to be paid now) for another home located in a provincial capital municipality.
The scissors go off 580 average euro at Asti to 2,064 from Rome (the most expensive also for other appliances with an average value of 110 euros per year against the average of 55).
Also among the most expensive municipalities Milano (2,040 euro) and Bologna (2,038). Genoa And Turinon the other hand, they “stop” resp 1,775 th most common And 1,745 th most common EUR.
On the contrary, they rank after Asti among them cheaper cities Gorizia (658 euros), Catanzaro (659), Crotone (672) and Sondrio (674).

The union also recalls that in 17 cities, the former Tasi supplement is still in force, leading to exceeding the maximum Imu rate (10.6 per mille used in 75 capitals, including Naples, Florence, Bologna, Turin, Palermo and Bari).
The highest rate (11.4 per mille) is that applicable to Rome, Milan, Ascoli Piceno, Brescia, Brindisi, Matera, Modena, Potenza, Rieti, Savona and Verona.
Then comes Terni and Siena at 11.2, Venice, Lecce and Massa at 11 per mille. Among the cities that apply rates below the maximum threshold, however, Belluno, Gorizia, Pordenone, Ragusa and Udine.

Imu: payments

The calculation of Imu is performed applies to the value of the propertydetermined in accordance with the criteria laid down by law and used as a tax base, the specific rate provided for each case.
There is no possibility of installment payment. The payout (and the subsequent balance) must be paid using the templates F24services PagoPa or through payment at the post office through the classic bulletin.
In the event of a delay, it will be possible from 17 June to implement the so-called “active repentance”, Payment of the amount due and the reduced fine. Before June 30with “blast repentancet ”, this will be equal to 0.1% for each day of delay.

In case of regulation between the 15th and 30th day of delaythe overall sanction is set at1.5% of the sumthen we move on to1.67% upon payment within 90 days from deadline, to 3.75% within the delay year.

Alberto Minazzi

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