II edition of the cultural review “TerrArdente – Nature & Environment – Culture, Arts & Entertainment – Food and Wine” – Napoli Village

POZZUOLI – Second edition of the cultural review “TerrArdente – Nature & Environment – Culture, Arts & Entertainment – Food and Wine” takes place from 18 June to 3 July, promoted by the Regional Park Campi Flegrei and arranged by Artgarage for artistic direction by Nando Paone. The presentation press conference will be held on Tuesday 14 June at 17.30 at Casina Vanvitelliana (P.za Gioacchino Rossini 1 – Bacoli). After greetings from Josi Della Ragione, Mayor of Bacoli, Francesco Maisto, President of the Regional Park of the Phlegraean Fields, introduces Fabio Pagano, Director of the Archaeological Park of the Phlegraean Fields, Nando Paone, Artistic Director, Rosanna Romano , Director-General for Cultural Policy and Tourism of the Campania Region and Felice Casucci, Councilor for Tourism of the Campania Region.

A number of events will be launched which will simultaneously promote the nature, arts, entertainment and food and wine heritage of the Phlegraean Fields, in archeological sites of rare beauty and significance, such as the Bourbon Park of Fusaro, Sala Ostrichina, Casina Vanvitelliana, the offices of the Regional Park Campi Flegrei and Monumental Park of Baia. This second edition is an important confirmation of an exhibition aimed at becoming a permanent summer deal with the aim of adding, year after year, new locations and new increasingly complete services to promote quality tourism towards the most atmospheric and historic sites. area.

Below is the calendar of scheduled appointments:

June 14 at 17.30: presentation press conference. Greetings from Josi Della Ragione (Mayor of Bacoli). Introduced by: Francesco Maisto (President of the Campi Flegrei Regional Park Authority), Fabio Pagano (Director of the Campi Flegrei Archaeological Park), Nando Paone (artistic director), Isa Danieli (actress), Felice Casucci (Councilor for Tourism of the Campania Region) – Casina Vanvitelliana
From June 18 to July 3: exhibition “The Myth in the Phlegal Fields” curated by Franco Riccardo. Works by Annalaura di Luggo, Lucia Gangheri, Francesca Volpe and Stefania Sabatino – Casina Vanvitelliana. Exhibition “The Myth of the Real” curated by Franco Riccardo. Works by Dante Manchisi – Parco dei Campi Flegreis offices.

Opening of the exhibitions on 18 June at 4.30 pm.

June 20 at 11.00: Presentation of the book “Neapolitans are not romantics” by Marco Zurzolo – Council Chamber in Procida municipality.
June 25 at 19.30: presentation of the book “Neapolitans are not romantics” by Marco Zurzolo. The “Duo” concert by Lino Cannavacciuolo and Damiano Davide – Garden of the Bourbon Park follows at 21.00. (paid arrangement) *
June 26 at 21.00: “In the high sea” single act by S. Mrozek, directed by Nando Paone – Garden of the Bourbon Park. (free arrangement) *
June 30 at 19.30: performance “Why not? (Choreographic Urgent) ”with instruction and choreography by Antonio Colandrea – Terrace of the Bourbon Park. (paid arrangement) *
July 1, 5.30 pm: presentation of “Nat’arte: Nature, Archeology and Contemporary Art” by Franco Riccardo. Works by Lucia Gangheri, Francesca Volpe, Michele Ciardiello, Carmine Rizzuti, Laura Niola and Annalaura di Luggo. Readings of texts extracted from “Listrarata of Aristophanes” by Nando Paone with Anna Moriello, Anna Cimmino and Mariachiara Falcone – Monumental Park of Baia will follow. (free arrangement)
July 1 at 20.30: performance “TP – Totò Poetry Culture”, directed by Manuela Barbato and Gianni Valentino with choreography by Marcella Martusciello. – Baia monumental park. (paid arrangement)
July 2 at 21.00: “Tell me. A devoted walk. “By Isa Danieli. – Bourbon Park Garden. (Paid Event) *
July 3 at 21.00: concert by the US Navy Jazz Band. – Bourbon Park Garden. (free arrangement) *

*: Prior to these evenings, the aperitif will be organized by the “Bottega dei Semplici Pensieri”, the voluntary association of family members of people with Down syndrome and / or with a slight intellectual deficit, which has been operating in Quarto (Na) since 2012 and which aims at identifying young people’s personal abilities to educate them professionally and place them in working life. Bottega dei Semplici Pensieri is registered in the register of voluntary organizations ODV in the Campania region, in the municipality of Pozzuoli (Na) and in the service center for voluntary work in Naples. (CSV)

At the end of the exhibition, a prize will be awarded to an artist of national importance attached to the territory.

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