“I Vivai al Parugiano” opens, the first 4-star “Superior” hotel in Montemurlo, born from the restoration of a piece of local architecture and rural history

In Montemurlo, in via Parugiano di Sopra, “I Vivai al Parugiano” has opened, the first four-star “Superior” hotel in the area, a quality and charming accommodation facility, born from the restoration of an old country house (the crèches). to plant growth of the nearby Fattoria del Parugiano), until a few years ago in a state of decay and neglect. Today, the inauguration of the hotel is the realization of the dream of the Corrieri family, in particular for the brothers Massimo and Federico, who are already owners of the textile company Cofil, who a few years ago started the renovation of the building with passion and decided to transform it into a hotel with 15 rooms and 9 suites, equipped with kitchen and outdoor area, for a total of 51 beds. The opening of the hotel has added great value to the area also in the form of job creators: 24 people have already been hired (of which 15 with permanent contracts), four seasonal workers to the swimming pool, to which a further seven are added. people involved in the wellness center in the near future. When the structure is fully operational, a total of 40 people will be employed. There were also many companies from Montemurlo who worked with the construction of the structure and furniture: Coedil by Daria Orlandi for the masonry, Mama Design by Daniela Zanieri (who created all custom furniture for rooms and common areas), Claudia Daneri from Opera prima for the interior , Bimitex for the fabrics in the reception sofas and Luilor for the interior fabrics for the restaurant seats and many others.

«A new space of great value, which is added to the existing ones and which significantly enriches Montemurlo’s offer of accommodation. – says Mayor Simone Calamai – A sector, that of hotel hospitality, which in Montemurlo was undersized in relation to the needs of both business and tourism in a lively area, in the center of Tuscany and close to the most beautiful art cities in our area. This new space represents a real flagship and will allow us as a municipal administration to continue and expand the work being done for some time with the development of tourism and territorial promotion. A structure that has brought new jobs and therefore represents a great value for the entire Montemurlo community ».

A “unique” hotel, light years away from standardized tourist offerings, offering innovative architecture – all curated by B-Arch by Alessandro Cappellaro and Sabrina Bignami – but with a traditional organization, such as the choice of using typical materials from the area (stone, terracotta , natural plaster, etc.), but fell into a contemporary language. The central element of “Vivai” is the light, which becomes an active and dynamic part of the decor through an evocative play of light and shadow. The welcome at the new hotel is personal and eventful.

“After four years of work, unfortunately slowed down by the Covid emergency, we have finally reached the inauguration of the crèches. – says Federico Corrieri – As Cofil we wanted to diversify our business and I personally had the ambition to create my own project and make it work as well as possible. In Vivai aims to be an expertise in the catering sector, in the hotel sector, a resource for the whole territory and the Montemurlo community ».

The structure has a restaurant that will be open to everyone, not just hotel guests, with a loggia that opens out to the countryside (Rocca di Montemurlo and the hill), and all tables are actually close to the large open windows. The restaurant, which opens in the first days of July, also boasts a cellar with over three hundred wine labels, the result of over two years of wine selection ranging from the classic “super Tuscan” to lesser known but high-quality vines. Everything at the Vivai restaurant is “homemade” from bread, to pasta, to pastry, and the “kitchen brigade” consists of young people with a lot of experience behind them in prestigious places in Tuscany. When fully operational, the restaurant will have around 120 seats available and will offer gourmet cuisine that will add value to local produce. The highlight of the “Vivai” is the swimming pool, created to fully enjoy the open space, a piece of landscape that survives between factories and cities, with its own independent bar and restaurant. “In” Vivai “represents a top-of-the-range hotel, one of the few in the province of Prato. – Explains the Councilor for the Promotion of the Territory Giuseppe Forastiero provide answers to the needs of a quality tourism, which aims at the discovery of places and excellence ».

The welcome and wellness path continues in the autumn with the opening of a wellness center and a multifunctional room for events, courses, meetings and conferences, open to everyone, not just hotel guests.

The tourist complex also sees the use of solar heating systems for the production of hot water in accordance with the criteria of environmental sustainability. The project is also aware of the use of natural materials according to the principles of bioarchitecture: the use of materials such as terracotta, local stone, wood, but also iron has been privileged. Maximum attention also to the landscape impact on the structure. The external arrangements do not include fences to delimit the structure, but only hedges and rows of trees (eg olive trees), in full connection with the agricultural context in which the new hotel is located. Finally, the project provided for the construction of a new route for via Parugiano di Sopra, which will replace the current stretch of road and thus remove vehicle traffic from the accommodation building. The old route via Parugiano di sopra, recognized as a historic courtyard route, remains unchanged in the part that runs along the nursery and will be used both as a service road by the users of the residence and as a pedestrian path open to all.

The idea is to keep the vehicles as far away as possible from the accommodation part of the hotel to ensure maximum tranquility, which is why the car parks are located north of the structure. All parking spaces are equipped with columns for charging electric cars. “With the reception complex in Vivaio, Montemurlo meets the need for quality accommodation that can satisfy both the needs of customers connected to the industrial district and tourists who choose our municipality as a privileged starting point to discover the great art city, Florence, Prato, Pistoia,” concludes Mayor Calamai.

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