HOTO review Drill and screwdriver with beautifully designed display

DIY and technology have always gone hand in hand. In fact, the “Do It Yourself” tools have improved significantly with technological advances, but all companies in the sector have always thought about creating powerful tools and machines rather than design.

Then it came HOTOa trademark of Xiaomito has completely rethought work toolswhich takes care of design and functionality at the highest level.

Drills, screwdrivers, laser precision meters, torches, screwdrivers, electric tire pump and glue chair are just some of the products that HOTO manufactures with the specialty of having a common thread in the design: essential, simple, clean and as small as possible. .

HOTO’s lines are smooth, opaque and characterized by a cylindrical shape.

Us at the moment we tried the drillwhich works in dual mode and can be used also as a screwdriver.

The packaging is neat and tidy. As soon as we open the lid we will find the drill flanked off 2 sets of tips for a total of 18 pieces: 10 bits must be used in screwdriver mode and 8 in drilling mode, including 4 for metal and 4 for wood.

Each tip has its own house to always keep everything in order.

The drill lacks nothing, either a circular display on the back that will show us various information, even during use.

Operation is the classic, common to any drill. We find one rotation direction switch which allows us to decide whether we want to turn the tip clockwise or counterclockwise. When we open the package, the switch will be in the middle, in “safe” mode and even by pressing “trigger” we will not get any movement.

At the top, on the back, we find a button that allows us to select the operating mode: drill or screwdriver.

To start using it, all we have to do is insert a little and tighten the cartridgean operation that can be performed either manually or by blocking it by hand while the device is starting up.

We face most beautiful drill ever seenworking wireless and includes a circular screen that we find around two buttons for ignition and for power regulation.

On board we find a brushless motor with torque up to 30 Nmone maximum speed of 1400 rpm, 12V power and one battery from 2,000 mAh which is recharged via USB-C. It takes about 2 hours to get the battery back to 100% when it is flat.

Through it LED screen HD we will be able to choose operating mode, direction of rotation and monitor battery status. In screwdriver mode, the screen will also warn us when the screw has reached the maximum tightening.

There are 30 power levels, sufficient for any kind of work. Handling this instrument is really comfortable, thanks to the screwless and completely smooth design.

I have tried it in both drill and screwdriver mode and I must say I was skeptical of its performance. In fact, I was convinced that it was some kind of not very powerful “toy” and that I could find it difficult to drill a wall rather than a wooden board and instead I managed both without any problems. The only concern I had at the end of the job was getting it dirty because I can assure you that such a beautiful design makes you want to give it tremendous care.

Without taking a closer look at this area, I do not have the tools to compare it to a super expensive Bosh drill. I’m sure Bosh drills (but also from other well-known brands) have a lot of properties suitable for professionals in the sector, but what I can tell you is that for home use, the HOTO solution is more than perfect. Passed with brilliance! You can find it on Amazon.

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    HOTO Cordless 2-in-1 drill and screwdriver

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    A cordless drill and screwdriver with good power to meet every household need. Caring for the design will leave you speechless. The packaging and equipment are also excellent.

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