here is The Embassy of Farm, a place of renewal, culture and sociality

A cultural embassy to deepen human relations and activate new processes for cultural and urban renewal, with a special focus on areas such as young people and gender issues. In January 2022, the Farm Cultural Park inaugurated a new office in Mazzarino, in the province of Caltanissetta.

Caltanissetta New year new embassy. Like this Gårds Kulturpark started 2022, inauguration a new place – The Embassy of Farm – in Mazzarino, in the province of Caltanissetta. The goal is the usual – so to speak – it is to continue working with the imagination and mentality of the new generations through processes of cultural and urban renewal.

Mazzarino is the original town of Andrea Bartoli, who inherited from his family an old palace that was once inhabited by Prince Carlo Maria Carafa, an enlightened man who also wanted a theater and a church in this large space. Andrea and his wife Florinda Saieva imagined the palace with a new feature that somehow reflected the old cultural value. A home to welcome artists, photographers, painters, creatives, scientists, politicians, diplomats, journalists, guests from Gårds Kulturpark.

A cultural embassy shortly said, where one can weave and deepen human relationships with greater intimacy. There are several spaces that have been restored and rearranged in this regard, mixing modern works of art with a pop oar and plant decorations linked to the experience of the human forest created in Favara at Palazzo Miccichè.

A courtyard of honor, a series of pavilions – welcome, awareness, desire and hope, the drawing room in the Forbidden City, the library of the time, the small chapel – and others rooms with frescoes and antique furniture mixed with modern works of art.

Part of the complex, Palazzo Tortorici, is owned by the municipality and has been closed for about twenty years, but thanks to an agreement between public and private, Farm Cultural Park has been given a twenty-year concession and is planning a city lung for the city. A space that will take the name Plurals, and which will be entirely dedicated to young people.

“We have collected more than 600 questionnaires to understand what could be the activities to be carried out within this structure. We have designed a newspaper library for children as a central space. They now have the Internet at their disposal, a very powerful tool that, if not used well, will not lead to new knowledge. In this comfortable place, there will be several subscriptions to magazines with art, music, design, technology, so you can do new forms of research. There will be a workshop dedicated to showing short films and another where you can listen to and download music for free “, says Florinda.

The property is on three levels: The ground floor is given in concession to a local radio, while on the first floor there is space for cultural exhibitions open to the public, where a number of exhibitions are held as part of Farm Cultural Park activities. Radical She, Comizi d’amore, Mama, Misantrarchia are the titles of the exhibitions that can be visited next summer in Mazzarino. At the center is the theme of equality and women through which one can see and propose a change of cultural paradigm to interpret and imagine a fairer vision of the future under different aspects.

Mazarin seems ready for this cultural revolution: “There are about 11 thousand inhabitants who are already in turmoil despite the fact that we have had very few events since the inauguration and are not always open to the public. In small villages like Mazzarino, the cultural actions we want to propose involve the whole community. Everyone knows what’s going on. In the big cities, many things happen that only reach the “usual” circle of interested people. Here it is different, it reaches everyone. We do not hope to disappoint expectations, “Florinda continues.

Important names, culture, innovative projects: Mazarin can not wait to show itself in its beauty and continue to improve and renew itself. It is one of the baroque cities of eastern Sicily, 553 meters high, with numerous testimonies of the history and culture of a time still alive.

Mazzarino Slot

Florinda talks about a different consciousness between Favara and Mazarin. “Favara is a big country with a lot of people, there is still a lot of work to do, but a lot of changes are underway, even though it is a very long process. There is a significant difference from previous years. Sometimes we look out from Palazzo Miccichè, where you can see a good part of the city, and jokingly we count the new facades of the buildings. A strong signal. There are many activities we carry out, not to mention the positive economic downturn that the country has experienced since the Farm has existed.

Favara was formerly remembered by local news and not for mafia events, today it is the second tourist attraction in Agrigento province after Valley of the Temples thanks to Farm Cultural Park. Its natural continuation could not help but be the construction of an embassy, ​​which through a strategy of cultural diplomacy, creativity and social promotion continues and promotes processes through which one can awaken the consciousness and conscience of those who live in the areas.

An engine of cultural, social and economic development that will now also affect the city of Mazarin, but which – we are sure – will also revitalize other smaller city centers: Florinda’s words leave no room for doubt. A cultural and social investment to solve current problems and imagine a better future for our planet.

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