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(ANSA) – CASERTA, JUNE 14 – From the Mini Dairy for Women Victims of Violence to the Startup Incubator, from the Center for Disabled Minors to the Center for Assistance to the Poor. There is not only the house bunker where Casalesi chief Michele Zagaria was hunted after 16 years in hiding, among the assets attributable to the boss that will be reused for social purposes, but there are at least five others confiscated from the Zagaria family and already subject of works, located between Casapesenna, San Cipriano d’Aversa and San Marcellino, in the Caserta area. The bunker house in via Mascagni in Casapesenna, which was decided last week by the meeting of the prefecture of Caserta, will be demolished and a public park will be built instead, while works for almost 6.5 million are underway for the other five euro, and will be managed by Agrorinasce, the consortium of municipalities managing 150 assets confiscated from organized crime in the province of Caserta. “This is a very important result – explains Gianni Allucci, CEO of the consortium – for the member municipalities of Agrorinasce and for all citizens. Similarly, the institutional agreement identified in the prefecture of Caserta aimed at the demolition of the previously confiscated villa “piles for the Inquieto family, and then acquired for the municipal heritage of Casapesenna, this is certainly positive news. already indicated by Mayor Marcello De Rosa”. The larger project concerns the building complex consisting of three villas and confiscated from the Zagaria family in San Cipriano d’Aversa, intended as an incubator for young people and social enterprises, which would be the first of its kind in an area confiscated from the Camorra; it is also the only project funded by the Ministry of the Interior with approx. 4.5 million euros (4,470,000).

In the property confiscated from Michele Zagaria in Corso Europa in Casapesenna, where work is underway, which will be completed this year for almost 90,000 euros funded by the region (but the total funding is 150,000 euros), a multifunctional will be built center, and the tender was awarded to the social cooperative Partenope: In particular, the ground floor was partly attributed to S. Croce parish for assistance to the poor through the local Caritas, while other premises remained in the civil protection in Casapesenna.

In the second property confiscated in Casapesenna, via Genoa, from Salvatore Nobis, a loyalist in Zagaria, 77,000 regional funds are being worked on (total funding 150,000 euros) and a cohabitation group will be set up with six reception places 24 hours a day. . , specializing in ludopathy and gambling syndrome. Within the Center, psychological support interviews will be held, development of relational and social competencies, development of income autonomy through a work activity within the local socio-economic substance, training – work paths. The project concerning the property confiscated in Casapesenna, Corso Europa, from Raffaele Capaldo, Michele Zagaria’s favorite nephew and his heir appointed at the top of the clan, is ambitious: the project has an amount of almost 1.5 million euros funded by the region. and a mini-dairy intended for the employment of female victims of violence will be born, whose leader, identified by a public tender, will be the social cooperative Raggio di Sole. A floor of the 500-square-meter building was instead given to the leadership of the evangelical community in Casapesenna. In San Marcellino, in the property confiscated from Giovanni Garofalo and attributable to the Zagaria family, a day care center for minors with family problems will be built. The project proposed by Agrorinasce and the municipality provides three bedrooms on the first floor for up to six minors and toilets for men and women. On the ground floor there is a bedroom for educators, kitchen and dining room as well as all necessary sanitary facilities; the amount is 86,000 euros (funds from the region) for a total funding of 150,000 euros and the identified leader is the social cooperative Hermes. (HANDLERS).

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