First Cycle State Exam Protocol: An Example

The purpose of the Plan or “Protocol for the Completion of the I Cycle State Exam”, which every school is wise to adopt, is to make the secondary school a safe place to conduct the final state exams for the year in peace. school 2021/2022. In this connection, all necessary precautions have been taken, which must be adopted by all users of the school.

Joint organizational initiatives

The state examination takes place during attendance in accordance with OM n. 64 of 14/03/2022, except for the cases stipulated in the executive order itself. All phases of the examination (written tests and oral interview) will take place in one of the department’s rooms, which must be specifically stated in the document.

Written tests and oral interviews: where do they take place?

The written tests must be conducted in classrooms specifically identified for each of the classes involved, while the oral interviews – as specified in the protocol specifically and correctly prepared by the effective headmaster at “Cosmo Guastella” Secondary School of Misilmeri (PA) – are conducted after pre-determined injunctions or better communicated on the electronic register to the parents. At the entrance, the hands are disinfected through the special dispensers set up on the school premises. It is recommended to respect the interpersonal safety distance of at least one meter, unless the structural-logistical conditions of the buildings do not allow it. It is understood that staff and students at entrances and exits as well as at movements within the school building continue, where the context allows, to comply with the safety requirements planned to ensure distance.

Video conferencing mode

Prof. Rita La Tona masters masterfully in the protocol prepared by the efficient of the “Cosmo Guastella” Secondary School of Misilmeri (PA), as leader – the performance of the tests for the state examination or of the works is allowed by the Examination Commission in videoconferencing mode only in the following cases in accordance with the rules laid down in Ministerial Executive Order no. 64 of 14/03/2022 in Article 8, according to which graduates in hospital or in home education, Article 15 in Ministerial Decree 741/2017 or in any case unable to leave their homes also due of obstruction of health measures in case of COVID 19. In any case, the written tests must be performed by candidates in attendance.

Cases concerning Commissioners

In cases where one or more members of the Examination Commission are unable to follow the work in person, due to special health conditions in connection with the epidemiological emergency, the President of the Commission may ensure the participation of those interested via video conference or other telematic method.synchronous . In cases where the epidemiological situation and the rules of the competent authorities so require; if the President of the Commission finds it impossible to apply the security measures provided for in specific national security protocols – due to developments in the epidemiological situation and related provisions. If one or more examiners are unable to follow the work in person, including exams, due to specific health regulations in connection with the epidemiological emergency, the President of the Commission remembers – Prof. Rita La Tona in the protocol prepared by effective for “Cosmo Guastella” Secondary School of Misilmeri (PA) – ensures the participation of interested parties via video conference or other synchronous modality.

The Commission is working

Remote holding of the plenary meetings of the examination boards is permitted by analogy with the provisions of the aforementioned ministerial executive orders for the work of the commissions and in accordance with the procedures laid down therein in cases where the epidemiological conditions and the competent provisions require authorities; if the President of the Commission finds it impossible to apply the established security measures.

Oral conversation

Separate rooms will be used for both written and oral exams, with different entrances and exits; the seats for the interviews will be large and so that they accommodate an appropriate number of people among the commission, candidates and accompanying persons. At the start time of the two rounds of exam interviews, as indicated in the Exam Calendar, the teachers of the relevant class councils will proceed to the nominal roll call for the graduate students present. Graduates will be called in with a predefined schedule, in small groups, to prevent people from gathering inside the exam room and / or waiting outside the school grounds. The summons calendar is published in advance on the school’s website, on the electronic register and / or by post. e-mail sent to the candidate via the electronic register confirming receipt. To avoid any opportunity to gather – Professor Rita La Tona masterfully remembers in the protocol drawn up by the clerk of the “Cosmo Guastella” Secondary School of Misilmeri (PA), which she leads – the candidate must present himself in school ten minutes (or other time) , which will be defined in the school minutes) before the scheduled meeting time and must leave the school building immediately after the end of the test. The candidate can be accompanied by a variable number of people that each educational institution will set. After name call, the call starts. The oral exam lasts between a maximum of 15 and 20 minutes per. student

Protocol conducting state exams-as-2021_2022

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