Far from Shallow: focus on sustainable culture

Ingenuity, creativity and social commitment characterize the soul and entrepreneurial activity of Claudia Contesole administrator of Far from shallow. Convinced that economic value can be created by strengthening the enormous Italian cultural heritage, this young woman has created a Benefit Company that wants to be the reference point for a a virtuous network between different stakeholders with the aim of making them aware of sustainable development and social responsibility.
His entrepreneurial adventure began long ago, on the athletics tracks, where an injury stops a promising competitive career prematurely. From there, Conte did not lose heart: he began to build up a valuable wealth of knowledge and experience that led to the birth of his business. The victory of a tender enabled her to leave her Aquino (Fr) for a year of study at the New York Film Academy, which was the springboard to an acting career in Italy with theater tours, fiction and film to the cinema. To this she added a lucky passion for writing, which prompted her to write four works, including the recent novel The law of the heart. The story of assassins, cowards and heroes
(Armando Curcio Editore), presented last month in the Senate with the national anti-mafia prosecutor Cafiero De Raho, who edited the preface, and published on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the mafia massacres in 1992 and the birth of the DIA. “I was lucky,” she says, “but I admit that I have never withdrawn from a challenge. Sport has certainly given me the perseverance and determination that pushes me every day to overcome my limits.”
The soul of a cultural entrepreneur led Claudia Conte to produce the Women in Cinema Award, an award that is now in its fifth edition and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, which strengthens female talent and promotes gender equality
at the Venice and Rome Film Festivals. To these activities, all combined in his Far from the Low Tide, are added the numerous initiatives from fundraising
to support third sector entities, such as charity event
Unicef Let’s color the future

held on June 8 in Rome, where funds were raised for Ukrainian children and families in Italy.

Why the name Far from Shallow?
Because through my initiatives I face the themes of the UN 2030 agenda with the aim of spreading the culture of sustainable development. Deep values ​​that therefore go far “beyond the surface”.

No reference therefore to the “superficiality” with which our cultural heritage is sometimes treated …
In our country, there is certainly a great need for cultural managers and entrepreneurs, because ours is an incredible heritage that must be exploited. To do this, however, you need to change your mentality. It is no longer necessary to consider culture as an expense, but to find solutions so that people can live off culture. A few years ago, the phrase “you do not eat with culture” (which he denied, ed
), so wisely repeated in a recent book by Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini. We would say just the opposite: Culture represents an asset not only from a historical and artistic point of view.

What added value can you provide with your business?
The goal is to create a virtuous network between business, finance, culture, sports and institutions. These are worlds that often do not communicate with each other and culture can represent property d’union
to dialogue on common goals, such as solidarity and the welfare of our country. We often talk about environmental sustainability, but about sustainable culture we talk and do little. It is a new field that almost has to be invented with real business models of sustainable culture.

What does it mean for you to establish yourself as a Benefit Company?
Benefit Societies are companies that can help change the world. Their model can be an inspiration for the entire Italian economic system. These are hybrid companies which, in addition to the purpose of sharing profits, pursue purposes for the common good. I strongly believe in this model of development and I am an ambassador for Assobenefit, the National Association of Profit Companies, created to spread their culture. Becoming part of this world leads to the establishment of a dialogue between the various Benefit companies, recognizing themselves in a market and growth model that puts the common good at the center of their action. An example is the B for Good Leaders Summit, the first global meeting that brings together leaders who use business as a regenerative force whose institutional relationships I manage. On June 16 and 17, 700 investors, philanthropists and top executives in B Corp companies, Benefit companies and realities engaged in sustainable companies will arrive in Rome to share projects and opportunities and create partnerships and synergies.

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