DecorAzione®, the culture of the past and new technologies in Angela Florio’s decorative design

MILAN – Angela Floriooriginally from Venice, with a total education‘European Institute of Design with address as Art Director, she has always been fascinated by the influence of the 4th dimension and inspired by the works of Katsushika Hokusai and Giorgio De Chirico, who have managed to combine the culture of the past with new technologies and compositional methods. Her approach to continuous research causes her to use computer graphics and photography along with the technique of engraving and the use of oriental varnishes.

Expert in the use of gold leaf, Florio is experimenting with new methods that allow her to independently put her creations into production, also customizing them according to customers’ wishes. Over the years, it has been chosen by companies such as Pomellato, Pasquale Bruni, Martino Midali, Audemars Piguet, Adamis Group. He also had the role of Art Director and Director of Operations for the furniture company The Crazy Hen.

In 1997 he gave birth DecorAzione®, a movement of applied art through the design and construction of modular systems for interior design. DecorAzione® works are based on decorative models, conceived and self-made by the founder himself.

In parallel with her activity with the DecorAzione® brand, Florio also dedicates herself to training: she was a lecturer at the Higher Institute of Graphics in Lecco, the Restoration Academy of Milan, the Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte Foundation in Milan, the Società d ‘Encouragement of Art and crafts (SIAM1838) in Milan.

For years, it has also been involved in promoting and enhancing the cultural heritage of the 5-street district: The DecorAzione® studio is located in via Santa Maria Fulcorina 20.

The projects

Among the completed projects, DecorAzione® signs a number of modular decorative collections, invented and self-produced by Angela Florio. Each piece is transformed in contact with the light, changes over time and takes on different meanings. This weekly effect makes each work a unique creation.

Contemporary portraits is a series created with a gilding process through the use of metal, gold and silver leaves, transformed into “mecca”. The result is a new portrait style based on a skilful play of light and darkness, with a marked psychological character.

Quadolibro is a resealable painting inspired by Angela’s need to easily transport her creations. Each Quadrolibro, closed, is the size of an A4 sheet and can be stored in an elegant box. Consists of individual paper modules joined with fabric, it opens like a rug and hangs like a painting. The topics are specific to the major Italian cities. The technique is gilding, which thanks to gold and silver leaves turned in mecca gives light and color flashes.

Arrás is the first modern tapestry containing fiber optic wires, used in home decor in an unprecedented way. The inspiration was born during a visit by Angela Florio to the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, especially from the observation of the texture of Bronzino’s tapestries. Arrás is handmade with artisanal procedures. It provides lateral insertion of LED lights that illuminate the optical fiber present in the shot.

Profane icons is a Byzantine-inspired project in which the landscapes of Italian cities are portrayed in their architectural and ornamental details.

ManifatturalMente instead, it is a 260 x 200 cm mosaic wallpaper inspired by the design of the railing in Venice. Cotton, wood, sandpaper, metals, paints, wax, rubber, stones, fabrics were donated to Angela Florio by some other craftsmen from 5VIE, Milan’s oldest heart, forge of handicraft design, and reworked and reinvented by the artist.

As part of the project, the collection must be noted Metropolitan Jungle, consisting of a series of movable partitions, where each piece consists of 80 x 200 cm wallpaper panels printed on TnT and a shaped element (with four different items: Monkey, Cheetah, Parrot, Leaves), cut by hand, a modern carton inspired by techniques from the eighteenth century. Metropolitan Jungle is also rejected in a series of board pop-ups where the monkey, cheetah, parrot and leaves are covered in golden metal.

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