competition for 16 kindergarten teachers

SPES – Educational and social service for the person – of Padua, i Venetohas launched a competition for teachers in kindergarten, 6th level CCNL FISM.

The selection aims to cover 16 jobs through recruitment a indefinite period.

You will be allowed to submit your application by June 27, 2022. Here is the message to download and how to participate in the competition process.


Candidates for the competition for kindergarten teachers organized by SPES of Padua must have requirements summarized below:

  • Italian citizenship or membership of the European Union;
  • age at least 18 years and not more than that laid down in the applicable rules on official retirement;
  • the enjoyment of political and civil rights;
  • absence of dismissal, dispensation and dismissal from service: persons who have been dismissed or dismissed or exempted from employment in a public administration due to persistent inadequate performance or for other disciplinary reasons or have been declared lost after finding that the employment has been obtained; through the production of false documents or in any case by fraudulent means;
  • absence of final criminal convictions for non-criminal offenses which preclude access to employment in public administrations, and not having been subjected to preventive measures pursuant to Act No. 575 of 31 May 1965;
  • physical fitness;
  • sufficient spoken and written knowledge of the Italian language (for citizens of non-Italian EU Member States);
  • sufficient knowledge of the English language;
  • adequate knowledge of the use of the most common computer equipment and applications;
  • for the purpose of qualification assessment: have served as a “Kindergarten teacher”, indicating the periods to be reported in the form attached to A) to the Executive Order and / or be in possession of the certificate of didactic differentiation for the Montessori method for the age group 3-6 and / or be in possession of a certification certifying knowledge of the English language at European B2 level;
  • to compete with reserve admission in favor of volunteer soldiers from the Armed Forces: requirements under Art. 1014 in Legislative Decree no. 66/2010.

In addition, competitors must possess one of the following qualifications:

  • bachelor’s degree in primary school science – kindergarten specialization;
  • qualification certificate for teaching in preparatory schools, provided that it is obtained before the academic year 2001-2002;
  • professional diploma of “social services technician” (formerly a diploma in childcare assistant) ¸ issued by legally recognized or equivalent schools at the end of the experimental course of the “Egeria” project, provided that it is obtained before the academic year 2001/02;
  • four-year diploma from the Department of Magistratesprovided that it is achieved within the academic year 2001/02;
  • high school diploma with pedagogical-social addressprovided that it is achieved within the academic year 2001/02.

It is specified that on the competition reserve from 6 seats for the benefit of the Armed Forces volunteers.


The selection procedure for the vacancies will consist of an exam written theoretical-practical, in a test oral interview and in assessment of qualifications.

The exam program and more details are included in the announcement attached at the end of the article.


SPES – Educational and Social Services for the Person – was born in 2006 from the merger of Paduan institutions of education and childcare, and collected the legacy of historical institutions such as the “Wheel of Exhibitions” and the “Charity Kindergartens”. It operates mainly in the Veneto region and especially in the province of Padua, where it is based.


The application for admission to the SPES Padova competition for teachers must be prepared according to the specific form attached to the notice. It will therefore be presented before kl. 13.00 June 27, 2022 in one of the following ways:

  • through recommended mail;
  • With the help of PEC on the address: [email protected];
  • direct at the unit’s protocol office from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The application must be accompanied by the following documentation:

  • unauthorized photocopy of a valid personal identity document;
  • unauthorized photocopy of the academic qualifications, which is a requirement for admission to the competition;
  • receipt that the competition fee of 20,00 Euro has been paid within the deadline for the announcement;
  • documentation certifying the qualifications for which assessment is requested: self-certification, Annex A) to this notice, for the service provided in the “Kindergarten Teacher” qualification, copy of the Montessori relative certificate and B2 English differentiation;
  • curriculum vitae in European format illustrating the candidate’s educational and professional background, duly documented, dated and signed.

Further details are reported in the message which can be downloaded below.


Those interested in the competition are encouraged to read the entire NOTICE carefully (Pdf 849 Kb).


All subsequent communication concerning the examination diaries and the list of candidates admitted to the procedure will be published on the body’s website within 15 days of the expiry date of the notification.

The final ranking will also be published on the same portal.


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