CI.TE.MO.S. continues his journey with two meetings

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June 17, appointment dedicated to directors; 18 in depth on technology used for vehicle safety and sustainability

June 14, 2022

CI.TE.MO.S. (City of Sustainable Mobility Technologies), an initiative of the Confartigianato Imprese Vicenza, has been following, tackling and researching issues related to mobility for six years and has over time become a valued “observatory” on the transformations that can favor the transition to more sustainable forms .

The Road to CI.TE.MO.S. it then continues with two appointments scheduled for Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th of June.


In the first meeting, which takes place in Palazzo Chiericati starting at. 10.30, the administrations will be the main characters. The focus of the event will in fact be the administrative policies or what are the best interventions to promote sustainable mobility in the reference context: to encourage the possible use of the bicycle (or scooter), to move on foot, to favor the hybrid or electric car that internal combustion engine, uses public transport, shares vehicles, but also uses various means (public and private) in an integrated way, for example for the daily “home – work” journey, promotes good behavior among citizens. The seminar is aimed at mayors, mobility councilors and municipal sector technicians with the aim of giving them suggestions and stimuli on the topic of “mobility policies”.
The meeting will be moderated by Valerio Rossi Albertini, academic and scientific popularizer, while Matteo Celebron, councilor for mobility in Vicenza municipality, will bring greetings from the administration. This will be followed by speeches by: Cosimo Murianni, a quattroruote journalist, on “The future of sustainable mobility according to car manufacturers”, and by Daniele Invernizzi, trainer and designer and president of ev-now! private research body, on the Italian situation for infrastructure for sustainability: the possible implications for the transition to sustainable mobility. Then it’s Nicola Fruet’s turn, from Dolomiti Energia Solution srl, to illustrate “The point of view on the mobility of an energy multi utility”, followed by Luciano Gallo, President of Novia, with a speech on “The aggregations”. between public administrations: what are the possibilities for sustainable mobility? The morning will be closed by Paolo Manfredi, Head of Innovation at Confartigianato Imprese, with a speech on “The Confartigianato observatory on PNRR: examples of calls for public administrations in the field of mobility”.


The second appointment, Saturday the 18th at. 9.30, takes place at the Confartigianato Congress Center in via Fermi and will be coordinated by Fabio Uglietti, Marketing Service & Delivery Director at Quattroruote Professional.
The meeting will be opened by Angelone Alessandro, National Self-Repairing President of Confartigianato Imprese, followed by Cristiano Resta, ASC (Automotive Safety Center) in Vairano, for an overview of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) systems. For the Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS), 2022 is a crucial year, as the newly homologated cars will be fitted with a system of safety devices as standard from next July to guarantee the safety of the people in the car. . Autonomous emergency brake, intelligent speed control, active lane keeping, preparation for installation of driver’s BAC detectors, driver’s fatigue and distraction detection systems, black box with data recorder, signal for emergency stops and reversing camera, new seat belts in front … a few examples.
The most common function is automatic braking in the event of a collision with a vehicle or pedestrian that the driver does not detect, and a large part of this will be the meeting on Saturday 18 June. Quattroruote was the first magazine to equip itself with the necessary instrumentation, the same used by Euro NCAP laboratories and by manufacturers, in order to fully evaluate the systems. The results of the tests will be illustrated at the meeting of the Congress Center.
Not only. During the morning there will also be an “Overview of the electrical system: tools and processes to approach the repair of electric vehicles”, a topic for study by Federico Guerci, engineer at ASC Vairano.


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