Castiglione summer time: shows, exhibitions, culture, concerts. It will be a summer filled with events

CASTIGLIONE CDELLA PESCAIA – A festival dedicated to sea music with musicians ranging from jazz to pop to classical. The Calcino lounge, the cinema by the sea and then two important bands performing in July and August. And finally events also in the villages.

From the Museo Casa Rossa Ximenes, the municipal administration of Castiglione della Pescaia has launched the calendar of summer events with the specific purpose of guaranteeing entertainment opportunities for citizens and tourists who will also choose the coastal city as a destination for their holiday in 2022 …

“I am very satisfied – said the mayor Elena Nappiwhich personally follows the Department of Culture – of this offer, where we span several themes, all designed to increase the expertise present in our cultural and tourist destinations ».

“We present agreements – anticipating the first Castiglione city – where our identity first appears, but at the same time we have been able to trace a path to enrichment, as evidenced by the truly multifaceted calendar of events that will enable Castiglione della Pescaia to consolidate its role as a locality where the presence of tourists is top notch in Tuscany ».

This year’s summer program is full of events and opportunities to experience both in the capital and in the most visited areas of the villages.

“Continue successfully,” he says Isabelle Mariani, municipal councilor delegated to sports – Punta Ala Golf Club’s intense activity on the prestigious green, but also the Yacht Club in the Puntalina faction is planning prestigious regattas, a sports discipline that will lead to confrontation between boats of different types also in the waters in front of the port of Castiglione della Pescaia, thanks to events organized by both the sailing club and the Circolo Amici della Vela. In addition, the tennis club is hosting an important national tournament for journalists at the end of June, and other cycling competitions are planned over the summer. “

«Pyrotechnic displays – reveals the councilor for tourism Susanna Lorenzini – is held both in Punta Ala and in the capital in August and closes the summer season in October and over the next few days the entire calendar of summer events will be online on the municipality’s institutional website and on the official Facebook page of the social network. In this way we will provide the opportunity to plan the agreements we have to attend, which will follow each other in the most beautiful Castiglionese places between sea, nature, culture, food and wine and sports ».

“We have planned in the summer evenings – says the mayor – many book presentations, it will start Sunday, June 19th the first Festival of Sea Music and there will be excursions and guided tours. That July 1st the inauguration of the event exhibition is planned at the Isidoro Falchi Archaeological Civic Museum in Vetulonia, d. 15th of July the young musicians from Solti Academy will perform on the square bearing the name of the Hungarian conductor and on the stage in Piazza Orto del Lilli Monday, July 25th “Musica da Ripostiglio”, a pop-swing musical group born in Grosseto will go up ».

Mondays are back with “La Lettrice” on Tuesdays in the moonlight at Ximenes Red House Museum, and “Stuff” will double, suggesting a novelty, in addition to the much-appreciated and awaited theatrical review, there will also be performances for children. Both “Dilettando” and Miss Italia stop at Piazza Orto del Lilli. The Barbarossa routes will provide an opportunity to get to know the territory, and the inaugurations will continue in the most characteristic points of the territory of the Waste Biennale, curated by Rodolfo Lacquaniti. The gray cat will stop during the month of August both in Vetulonia and in the capital and furthermore, evenings dedicated to dance will be lacking on the summer program.

“The Castiglionese summer – reveals Nappi – confirms the presence of the City of Grosseto Orchestra, the synergy with” Cinema di Mare “also continues, and this year the agreements with” Salotto di Italo Calvino “increase, which will see together with the undersigned from 8. to 19 September in the library garden with the presence of local authors and nationally known authors “.

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