Architect Alessandro Ormas: “The building sees the light again. Milano Due is home, work and a good tester for the market trend “

Interior is a multidisciplinary design studio born in Milan in 2008 from the professional collaboration between architects Alessandro Ormas, Laura Moretti and interior designer Valentina Ormas, who share an interest in research and development in all areas of architecture. The craftsmanship of the constructive approach is what guarantees the uniqueness of the projects they work on. They have collaborated with various fashion and design brands, and their projects have been published in many trade magazines and online magazines. Il Giornale d’Italia met the architect Alessandro Ormas, who after graduating in architecture and specializing in interior design worked as a designer for the prestigious PTW Architects studio in Sydney, where he lived, and he began independently drawing, designing and creating interiors and pay close attention to the lightness of the rooms and their usability; in fact since 2008 he has been involved in interior design and architectural design in his studio in Milano Due in Segrate at Residenza Botteghe. His close collaborators are Laura Moretti and Valentina Ormas, both with a solid resume.

How has the design sector experienced the last two and a half years due to the crisis caused by Covid?

“In recent years, the design sector has suffered severe slowdowns and enormous difficulties due to the pandemic, which slowed down the supply of materials and highlighted problems related to logistics and work in the company, which were necessarily shifted to avoid contact between workers and curb This has led to enormous difficulties, especially in relation to public administration, as smart work obviously does not allow for a direct relationship with operators. However, there has been a positive development, namely the computerization of public administration portals and the acceleration of some practices that previously had to be presented in person.Our studio had to block construction site activities for a few months, but the design went on thanks to video conferencing with clients, but as soon as the lockdown was complete, we quickly resumed all our activities fully and with great The events and exhibitions of design are active elig has been affected, but now we at least hope to be definitely out of this crisis. “

How did 2022 start?

“2022 opened in the best possible way, just as it closed in 2021. Overall, we had a small decline in 2020, as was clear, with the closure and closure of shipbuilding and all construction and not only that, but the last two years have have been the best since we started our design and construction business.We are very happy with how the market is developing and how we are working, especially in this last period where we have given our best and achieved really excellent results.Unfortunately, the problems are reflected in the context of the Ukrainian-Russian crisis in recent months in all areas, not only those related to energy supply but also to the availability of metals, wood, transport and logistics: the increase in raw materials and transport has led to a sudden increase in the cost of each delivery, and this is beyond the control of any company and society, including ours.Despite this, we respond well by completing our projects within the stipulated times and costs, and that’s a source of satisfaction for us! “

A well-designed and furnished house rhymes with …

A well-designed and furnished house rhymes with “practical”. In fact, there are many government initiatives that give customers access to tax bonuses and in this way perform construction operations of extraordinary maintenance of buildings and fixtures related to it, saving up to 50% with in terms of internal works, up to an amount of 96,000 euros; as for the reconstruction of the facade of the buildings and villas, the bonuses even reach 110%. How long we will have these tax incentives available is not known and it it is therefore advisable to use them for as long as possible. “

In Italy, bureaucracy and long delivery times kill any initiative. Is the design sector exempt from this, or can you also smell certain difficulties there?

“In Italy, bureaucracy is one of the main causes of the difficulties of doing business. The design and construction sector experiences a symbiotic relationship with bureaucracy, as the norm that allows buildings to meet certain living and aesthetic standards often complicates the lives of designers and even customers. Every entrepreneurial activity thrives on ideas, but if these ideas, as often happens, are excessively forced into a bureaucratic confinement, they become distorted, impoverished or even made impractical, despite being common sense and valued by the same bodies that it is proposed to cooperate with. , which is nonsense. Over the years, people’s way of life has changed, but unfortunately the bureaucracy that should have streamlined and shaped itself according to the companies’ new needs has not changed, in a word, the bureaucracy should be more “resilient”, a concept that has become commonplace. after the covid emergency. Abroad, for example, it is much easier to start a new business, and it makes many young entrepreneurs move to other coasts instead of investing here. This clearly reflects architecture and design, because without entrepreneurship and without customers, design is not possible. “

He lives and works in Milano Due, where he has opened a studio. What exactly does it do? Is he alone or in a team?

“Our design studio is” familiar, consists of me, my wife Laura Moretti for the design-construction part and my sister Valentina for what pertains to decor and finishes. We are a very dynamic and passionate young team, an ingredient without which our business would be impractical. We take care of the design phase in its entirety and in every detail, of the construction of the buildings and finally of the furniture and decor. In practice, we follow the customer from the moment he buys or wants to renovate his apartment, until the keys are returned to the property ready to be inhabited. Our focus is interior design, but we also deal with set-up, architectural design of exteriors and complexes, and occasional graphic design on request. This office was born from an idea from my father more than 35 years ago, but Laura, Valentina and I took over in complete independence about ten years ago, updating it under different aspects: from the choice of young suppliers with style and avant-garde – guard for the working method, which allows the customer to have a single contact person for renovation, interior design and interior design of their property, which gives us really nice results, which we are very happy about. What has not changed over the years is the enthusiasm to meet new projects and new challenges, which is fundamental in our work because it allows us to always look for innovative, special and “ad hoc” solutions, tailored to the customer.”

Milano Due seems to be a good tester to research house prices, furnish or renovate them …

«Milano Due is actually a very special terrain because house prices tend to have a fairly frequent sinusoidal trend. Suffice it to say that in the last five years they have undergone fluctuations of around € 1000 per year. square meters more and less. It is also possible to find large price differences based on the property where the property is located, nearby or otherwise for services, and it is perceived almost exclusively by those who have lived in the neighborhood for some time and not by those who have just moved from Milan . The population of the district is very demanding in terms of design and building standards, and it is very important to work with great attention to achieve full customer satisfaction. The houses in Milano Due, although built very well almost 50 years ago, must necessarily adapt and shape themselves as much as possible to the historical period we live in: the characteristics required of the living spaces are not the same . like those from the era in which they were conceived, but especially in the last two years they have undergone a strong development due to the health crisis. It is necessary to give much more attention to the space in the living area, where the kitchen and living room tend to coexist in a permeable way that describes itself as a common space that can be divided if necessary with sliding doors, movable walls or glass partitions ; the creation of studios or corners to be used for smart work or video conferencing is often required; even the service rooms now have their dignity and can be deconstructed, for example by inserting bathtubs or showers in the room and separating them from the sanitary area through a partition that can be glazed again or not. At the bottom of our design proposals is the attempt to remove or reduce the corridors as much as possible, thus reclaiming valuable square meters, and keeping the spaces usable, elegant and always tailor-made. “

Are the prospects for the future bright or still difficult?

“The outlook is absolutely rosy and I believe it is necessary to look to the future with optimism despite the conditional crisis in Ukraine, which is creating serious problems in terms of logistics and procurement of materials, and the past health crisis, as flexibility and “Dynamics are the key components of our daily lives. A professional activity is the mirror of society, it dies when it is stopped, when it lacks prospects and fails to renew itself: fortunately, all this is very far from us.”

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