Application and provisional allocation 2022, requirements. Application for other education and teachers with role change in trial year

The unions and the ministry have started negotiations on the renewal of the CCNI regarding applications and provisional allocations 2022/25. Meanwhile, the numerous interested teachers are being attacked by many doubts in the light of the submission of the requests. When temporary employment can be requested for another level of education.

Before answering the question from one of our readers, we remind you who can apply for use and who can apply for temporary transfer.


The provincial application primarily concerns redundant or excess teaching staff. Specifically, the application for use can be submitted by:

  • teachers who, after the transfer operations, are in any way without a final place;
  • teachers fired in the province;
  • teachers transferred as supernumerary with conditional application or ex officio without having submitted the application in the same school year or in the previous 9 school years, requesting to be used as a first preference in the previous owner school;
  • teachers who have returned to roles that have had a seat of ownership not included among those expressed on request, or teachers who have been returned to roles after the deadline for submitting applications for mobility; this category also includes teachers who have been declared fit to teach and who have not been assigned to the school where they work or who have been relocated to a place not included among those indicated on request;
  • teachers who have ceased service, who have requested and obtained maintenance in the service of a part-time employment relationship and have not found the previous ownership vacancy;
  • teachers belonging to redundant positions, positions or competition classes who request use in other roles, places or competition classes to which they are entitled, or in support positions within the role to which they belong, even without specialization qualification, in the province within the limits of the surplus and only after allocating a number of support posts corresponding to specialized teachers striving for permanent and fixed-term employment relationships;
  • teachers with curriculum teaching, in possession of the qualification support specialization or with differentiated didactic address, who request to be used respectively on support or in schools with differentiated didactic address, within the same level of education;
  • primary school teachers with a common place, in possession of qualifications for teaching a foreign language, who request to be used in a foreign language place, in the owner’s school or in another school, in case there are no vacancies in their own;
  • full-time professors in curriculum teaching who request to be used in posts created in hospitals or prisons, as well as in CPIA staff offices and in posts relating to the second tier provided for in Presidential Decree 263/12;
  • teachers who have passed vocational retraining courses for support or intensive courses to obtain the specialization qualification for teaching support positions, who request to be used for support positions at the same level of education;
  • primary school teachers referred to in art. 43 and 44 of Law No 270/82;
  • technical-practical teachers and chair assistants who have passed from local authorities to the state, not classified in the competition classes in Table B attached to Presidential Decree 19/16 and subsequent amendments, to which Art. 14, section 14, of Legislative Decree 95/2012 amended with amendments to Act no. 135/2012 and subsequent amendments and additions that may be applied pursuant to section 17 of the same Act on vacancies, using the conditions laid down therein with regard to qualifications, educational qualifications and specialization in support, as well as those who complete the education. conversion courses on support activated with the Supplementary Act to the agreement of 29.10.2013 stipulated with the University Conference for Education on 7.11.2014.
  • Catholic religion teachers employed under Law No. 186.
  • teachers, even if they are not redundant, in possession of the 1 and 2. 3 of Ministerial Executive Order no. 8/2011, which asks to be used, especially in primary schools, also organized online, for the dissemination of culture and musical practice.

Finally the opportunity interprovincial use on requestonly in the case of teachers belonging to places / classes of competition for which the situation of dismissal remains instead / class of competition in the province affiliation (ie ownership). Notwithstanding the foregoing, application for interprovincial use may be made by the teaching staff of schools or institutes in provinces that have changed the territorial competence structure if they have requested and not obtained the transfer to return to the former property province; such staff may submit an application for use in schools or institutes in the former owner province.

Preliminary assignment

Preliminary allocation can only be requested for one province and on condition that one of the following reasons occurs:

  • reunification with children or minors with statutory provisions;
  • reunification with the spouse / part of the civil cohabitation or with the cohabitant, including relatives or relatives, as long as the stability of the cohabitation follows from the registration certificate;
  • the serious health needs of the applicant, documented by an appropriate health certificate;
  • reunion with the parent.

It is not possible to request the preliminary assignment for schools in the owner municipality. This restriction does not work for municipalities with multiple sub-municipal districts for those who benefit from one of the priorities set by CCNI.

Lion “Preliminary allocation of teachers 2022/23, who could apply and who could not. We await news of restrictions” to find out which teachers can apply and which cannot for the academic year 2022/23


One of our readers asks:

I got, for the school year 2021/22, the role change of support for the primary school, transition achieved from high school. I ask if it is possible to apply for a temporary position or use in high school on the support for the academic year 2022/23.

We assume, as reported in the article link above, that the preliminary assignment for another level of education can be requested by teachers who possess the necessary qualification and who have obtained confirmation in the role. In light of this and the above, our reader will:

  1. can not submit an application for use (does not fall, at the time and of what is written, into any of the above categories);
  2. can not submit an application for a preliminary assignment to the high school in the absence of confirmation in role in primary schoolconfirmation obtained after passing the trial year;
  3. could apply for temporary transferif he has previously passed the probationary year in primary school, for which he does not complete the probationary year at the relevant level of education.

Regarding point two above, we specify that in CCNI 2019/22 we read:

Temporary assignments are not allowed at a level of education other than belonging to staff who have not obtained confirmation in the role for the school year 2019/20 or 2020/21 or 2021/22

The wording of the contract text suggests the interpretation given by some offices, according to which: if the confirmation in the role for the academic year next (in our case 2022/23) arrives within the application deadline, interested parties can apply.

NB: this article has been prepared based on the provisions of CCNI 2019/ 22, as further specified by note No 18372 of 06/14/2021, for which the above may be subject to possible changes, given that the contract will be rewritten for the three-year period 2022/25 and taking into account the provisions for employed teachers in pursuant to Legislative Decree 59/2017, which Article 13/3 was amended by the Decree of Support (Article 19 (3)-sexies, DL 4/2022, amended into Act No. 25/2022), on the basis of which the aforementioned teachers can submit provisional provincial allocation and accept temporary positions in accordance with Art. 36 and CCNL 2007).

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