Apple Design Awards 2022: the most beautiful apps and games

Also for this latest edition of 2022, the annuals were awarded under WWDC Apple Design Awardswhich has rewarded twelve apps and games of excellent quality.

The projects of this year’s winners are born of the creativity of developers and developers from all over the world, who have been selected by Apple for their ability to create innovative and beautifully designed apps able to inspire people thanks to their genius, vision and motivation.

For the second year in a row, the Apple Design Awards recognize the talent of development teams and recognize the best app and games in categories inclusion, fun, interaction, social impact, graphics and innovation.

Apps and games were selected from 36 finalists who demonstrated – underlined Apple – exceptional technical skills.

Below is the list of apps and games that have won, with a description and the reasons why Apple awarded the prize.

Apple Design Awards 2022


The apps and games that have triumphed in this category offer a unique user experience to all people, no matter what language they speak and their origins and abilities.

App: Shapes

Developed by: Savage Interactive (Australia)

Procreate, a great tool for artists and designers, gives people even more creative power with its iPad app. Thanks to new accessibility features such as the flicker or blur filter, the integrated assistant touch menu, audible feedback and color blindness settings, which are in addition to other dedicated features such as VoiceOver support or the “Bigger text” feature, Procreate allows even more artists to create, interact and express themselves.

Apple Design Awards 2022

Game: Wild Flowers

Developed by: Studio Drydock (Australia)

Wild Flowers, an original Apple Arcade game, stands out with its innovative story, shrouded in magic and rich LGBTQIA + crews. By coming into contact with characters of all ages, cultures and sexual orientations, the user explores a magical world that invites you to reflect on the concept of identity, to accept other people and to support your community and thus tell a much deeper story. .

Other finalists in the category include: Letter Rooms by Klemens Strasser, Navi by Good Snooze, Noted. of Digital Workroom and Tint. by Lykkegaard Europe Limited.


The apps and games that have triumphed in this category offer memorable, engaging and satisfying experiences, powered by Apple technologies.

Apple Design Awards 2022

App: (Not boring) Habits

Developed by: Andy Works LLC (USA)

As the name suggests, the app adds an extra twist to the usual (and less fun) trackers for measuring and tracking daily habits. Thanks to its unique design, gamification of activities and fun haptic features, (Not Boring) Habits presents itself as an inspiring journey through forests and mountains and transforms the monitoring of habits into an artistic experience.

Apple Design Awards 2022

Game: Overboard!

Developed by: inkle (UK)

Overboard! it’s the classic thriller, but with a variation: you’re the one who committed the crime. The one who plays with this funny crime app plays the role of the culprit who, through quick conversations with unsuspecting travel companions, tries to get away with it and convince everyone that she is innocent. Thanks to its engaging storytelling, biting dialogue and multiple endings, you will want to reopen the case again and again.

Other finalists in the category include: Optillusion’s Chineasy, Moncage, Please, Studio Waterzoois Touch The Artwork and Vitalii Mogylevets’ Waterllama.


The apps and games that have triumphed in this category offer intuitive interfaces and simple controls tailored to the platform on which they are used.

Apple Design Awards 2022

App: Slopes

Developed by: Breakpoint Studio (USA)

Slopes, the app for tracking days on the snow, offers the user an intuitive diary for skiing and snowboarding and uses GPS on the iPhone or Apple Watch to calculate distance traveled and speed. The advanced social features of the app turn the user experience into games and allow you to connect with friends and family, all with a single button. Although the app provides a “mountain of data”, using it is as easy as a green trail.

Apple Design Awards 2022

Game: A musical story

Developed by: Glee-Cheese Studio (France)

A Musical Story is a harmonious blend of music, plot and artistic creation that revolutionizes the concept of video games for mobile devices. The narrative is characterized by its unique minimalism, the game dynamics add an extra touch to the classic rhythm games, and manages to demonstrate how different design elements can seemingly work together, in a perfect symphony.

Other finalists in the category include: Broken Rules’ Gibbon: Beyond the Trees, Transit, Inc.’s Transit, Linearity’s Vectornator: Vector Design and Giant Sparrow’s What Remains of Edith Finch.

Social influence

The apps and games that have won in this category significantly improve the user’s life and shed light on crucial issues.

Apple Design Awards 2022

App: Rebel Girls

Developed by: Rebel Girls Inc. (USA)

Through the immersive sound experience and breathtaking original works of art, Rebel Girls tells about the lives of influential women like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Simone Biles and Frida Kahlo, to name a few. The narrative and the accompanying illustrations describe different careers, life stories, cultures and eras and are the fruit of artists and non-binary people from all over the world.

Apple Design Awards 2022

Game: Gibbon: Beyond the Trees

Developed by: Broken rules (Austria)

Gibbon, an original Apple Arcade game, is an ecological adventure in which the player takes on the role of a gibbon jumping and swinging from branch to branch, crossing beautiful hand-drawn landscapes in search of their family. The unique gameplay mechanics entertain with its acrobatic jumps and flights in the air, but its eco-friendly story and the fact that you play the role of another living creature teaches a crucial lesson.

Other finalists in the category include Nex’s Active Arcade, The Empathy Project’s Empathy, Headspace Health’s Headspace and Studio Drydock’s Wild Flowers.


The apps and games that have triumphed in this category feature stunning images, expertly designed user interfaces, and high-quality animations that serve a distinctive, cohesive theme.

Apple Design Awards 2022

App: Halide Mark II

Developed by: Lux Optics (USA)

The amazing Halide Mark II camera app focuses on the essentials and concentrates tons of features in an extraordinarily easy-to-use, clean and efficiently organized interface that mimics a truly analog camera. Those who already have experience in the world of photography will feel at home, while those who are still learning to orient themselves with focus and exposure will not have a hard time taking amazing photos. It is a nice iPhone camera and is now also available in a version designed specifically for the iPad.

Apple Design Awards 2022

Game: LEGO Star Wars: Castaways

Developed by: Gameloft (Canada)

With its cinematic vibe, sharp images, smooth animations and realistic gameplay, Castaways certainly does not go unnoticed. The game is set on a mysterious abandoned planet and allows you to immerse yourself in a galaxy of action and adventure with richly detailed environments and even organize a dance party. Thanks to the endless customization options and the many characters that meet while you walk, the fun never ends.

Other finalists in the category include Feral Interactive’s Alien: Isolation, Silver Lining Studio’s Behind the Frame (Akatsuki Taiwan), Hangzhou Midi Technology Co., Ltd.’s MD Clock and Andy Works’ (Not Boring) Habits.


The apps and games that have triumphed in this category offer a first-class experience through an innovative use of Apple technologies that make them unique.

Apple Design Awards 2022

App: Hader

Developed by: Volst (Holland)

The Hate app offers incredibly realistic ambient sounds, such as rushing waterfalls and rivers, and electronic atmospheres, making them even more extraordinary thanks to the spatial sound and head detection feature. Ambient sounds can be customized thanks to the intuitive interface mixer buttons and are accompanied by fluid and futuristic animations in perfect synchronization with the sound. Odio offers an audiovisual experience in n. Degree.

Apple Design Awards 2022

Game: MARVEL Future Revolution

Developed by: Netmarble Corp. (South Korea)

MARVEL Future Revolution is a little technological marvel worthy of Stark Industries. Winner of the “iPad Game of the Year 2021” award, MARVEL Future Revolution is an open-world role-playing game that brings the Marvel universe to life with its fluid metal-backed battles, elaborate sequences, and an obsessed multiverse of characters. full of details.

Other finalists in the category include: Nex’s Active Arcade, ideaTiny Co., Ltd.’s Focus Noodles, Savage Interactive’s Procreate and Oskar Stålberg’s Townscaper.

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