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Alex Design’s motorhome has been on the road since last night heading for the Sachsenring GP, the arrival is scheduled for today. For decades, Alessandro Mazzocchetti and his team have provided assistance, repair and painting services in the MotoGP fold, and worked for the teams in the three classes that need their help over race weekends. It is part of the world championship’s large caravan that travels around the world to offer entertainment for motorsport lovers. But behind the show with the drivers whizzing through curves and straight lines, there is support from hundreds, thousands of people, who often remain out of the media spotlight.

Alex Design: men at work in MotoGP

Alex is a blend of professionalism and kindness and he always travels for business and privacy. A man like many others, but with an extra gear to take with him when needed. They spent the night on alternating driving, to arrive in time to get on their truck at the Sachsenring and remedy a small accident that happened yesterday afternoon before departure. From tomorrow, his laboratory will be pulsating and active for every instance of MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3. “Wednesday morning we examine all the works that have arrived from our customer teams, each job has its own distinctiveness … we need to understand whether we should continue with a partial repair and painting of the coats“.

His right hand man is Max, who has been with the team for several years. “He takes care of the graphics and print department, processes the files that come via e-mail, has to resize them, does the color test, the cut test, discusses it with the painting department. The second stage of the realization of the glue is the finishing in paint, where we give the colors and between one color and another we can apply logos and self-adhesive graphics, whether it is digital or cut out on the plotter, up to the finishing, where the transparent to give the glossy or matte finish“.

On the way to Sachsenring

Not only repair and paint, Alex Design also produces on-site adhesives. A single working group that can count up to 8 people in case of heavy load: “Usually we are four or six, but if necessary we can even reach eight. In light of the Saxon Ring, we already have works for VR46, Leopard, the KTM Ajo teams and something could come from Ducati Corse Alex explains. In Barcelona we worked a lot with speed, it was like being in an emergency room. The carbon parts were repaired, ground and returned in two, three or at most four hours. In Germany, the teams will definitely prepare some supplies in light of the “double”, as the following week will also be the Assen GP“.

Life in the MotoGP fold

It is not always possible to predict whether they will sleep in the hotel or in the motorhome. A few crashes on the pitch can affect their work pace until everyone returns to the pits, some unpredictability prevails. “The drivers sleep here, it’s their custom and they do not want to go to the hotel. In the truck we also have a relaxation and sleeping area. Once the work is scheduled and we can finish it within 8-9 hours of the day, we head to the hotel. But if you increase the work, we will each be organized in the truck and settle for a cot. We have a minibar and electric ovens to make delicious little things, such as a sandwich with sausage and ketchup or with burgers. Tuesday and Wednesday night we go to the restaurants around the circle, from Thursday we go to the hospitality areas according to the teams we work with“.

The Meggy mascot

Along with them also travels Meggy, a black toy pug, Alex’s inseparable travel and life friend. “As a rule, dogs can not stay in the fold, they are the only ones they allow it. Soon Meggy celebrates 12 years on the fold, is the group’s mascot, loves to take the evening ride standing on the scooter and knows all the riders. During the day he has his own armchair, where he is quiet, greets the customers who come in, wags his tail, he is a part of us“In the team also Francesco known as ‘Ciccio’, the oldest driver in the paddock, who recently turned 73 and has a driving license for special vehicles. The other guide is Alex, Mandrake, then there is Max ‘the dwarf gab’ because he is little, he looks at you, he talks a little.Aurora ‘the princess’ who acts as coordinator and secretary, Mauro, Egor ‘Zagor’s cousin’ from the body department, Mauretto ‘the statesman’ .As a true Roman, Alex wanted to give a nickname to each member of the team to emphasize the friendly and familiar environment he is in, because it is the association that is strength, and we move in full harmony to optimize a job to the extreme, in typical MotoGP style.

Ducati coats in preview

Work will continue until Tuesday afternoon in case of MotoGP tests after the race. We are awaiting the end of the warm-up to find out if we need to prepare special parts in the following days, which will be tested the following day. As it happened in Montmelò, when Alex Design found the new Ducati factory garments in his hands, then tested by Pecco Bagnaia, Enea Bastianini and the other factory riders. “We continue to work until the end of the races and beyond. When the Irta tests take place, we will dismantle the structure on Tuesday Alex finishes. Sunday in Barcelona during the warm-up, we were ready to paint two coats of the factory Ducati in matte black that were used for the next day’s test. We had the honor of performing our service on unreleased components, which were to remain secret until the next day“.

Photo by Valter Magatti

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