Veroli, Activities for families and children in Prato di Campoli Events in Frosinone

Family roots, activities for families and children!
DETAILS AND RESERVATIONS regarding methods and costs
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Sunday 19 June 09.15

Activities and excursions for families: Lazio (FR): The wonderful secrets hidden in the beech forests around Prato di Campoli!
with Itinarrando the art of walking by telling stories
Where are we going and what we want to do:
Steps from well-known places, such as some areas of Prato di Campoli, there are secrets hidden in the vast and majestic beech forests …
plants that came to us millions of years ago … ancient crafts hidden by trees … our ancestors who lived in the expanses of stone ..
an old map will help us discover all this … and more!
A day to discover Ernici!
There will also be time for a sandwich / ice cream on the plateau everyone!

-> GUIDE: Roberta Taschera, AIGAE Environmental Hiking Guide, operating under Act 4/2013 with code – LA293 – VAT number: 02798660607
Maximum number of participants 20
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– Veroli kl. 9.15 (The exact location will be announced when booking).
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* Possibility of sharing car
Car sharing is not supported by Itinarrando for anti-covid rules.
Rooms according to bookings.
Latina according to bookings.
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Technical data:
* Trekking boots
Length: 6 km
Elevation difference: 250 m
Difficulty: Not very demanding,
Recommended age: 5 years and up
Duration 5 / 6h
What to bring:
Feet, hands, curiosity and a lot of joy!
A light backpack, but do not forget lunch and drinking water!
Long trousers, hat or hat, wool or cotton neck warmer according to the conditions, a warm garment, a k-way.
Depending on the conditions layered clothing from the short-sleeved shell fleece t-shirt.
Sunglasses, sunscreen.
Useful accessories: imagination, desire to play, to test yourself, to interact with nature, a notebook and a pencil and Itinarrando loyalty card for stamp collection.
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Itinarrando uses PRM channel 8/16 in conjunction with the Montana Radio Network
Itinarrando volunteer guides and companions are equipped with a BLSD course and first aid.
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* To participate, you must be or become a member in 2021 of the Itinarrando Social Promotion Association for UNIPOL insurance coverage (5 euros)
– from 0 to 12 years 2.50 cards
* It is not possible to sign the membership card on the initiative day according to national law, the request must be sent within 48 hours in advance, always contact 380 765 18 94.
————————————————– ——————————.
* The proposed activity includes a contribution, including a professional AIGAE environmental hiking guide of:
– 15 euros for adults
– Families: € 12 adults, € 10 children
– POSSIBLE prepayment by bank account or postpay (anti covid security procedure).
* In case of cancellation of the reservation under 24 in advance and in case of no notice, the daily fee will be charged, alternatively you can find a replacement yourself. *

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