Vanity Fair Social Garden, all the beauty of our design week

Thank you for being with us, we could not have hoped for better. This edition of Vanity Fair Social Garden: six days (from 7 to 12 June) with events, lectures, workshops dedicated to sustainability in all its forms.

Guests flocked to the city garden via Bergognone 26 to find a moment of peace, among flowers, music and special meetings.

Motor enthusiasts have discovered the new one Honda Civic and: HEVpredicted to the Italian market in the garden’s outdoor area: the director of Vanity Fair Simone Marchetti, along with interior designer Diego Thomas and Nik Pearson, Honda’s Head of European PR Communication, unveiled the features of the latest version of the car, not forgetting the Men Maximum / Machine Minimun principle, which combines technology and design at the service of the driver . This philosophy also inspired the reading of the actor and the director Vinicio Marchioni that in his interpretation of The metamorphoses of Apuleius wanted to create a connection between the ancient text and the concept of contemporary change and progress.

In the middle of the garden could not miss a real Flower market signed by Roger & Gallet: hydrangeas, lavender pots and mandarin plants, which with their sales have contributed to a green operation: the profits are donated to Assoverde, which takes care of planting one of the areas that were cleaned up during our campaign. #call. All around, all the perfumes from Roger & Gallet, to make that floral look even more enveloping.

For all guests three tasty corners: Beck’s, who presented the new Beck’s Unifiltred suggest a special experience, participation in the sound installation created by sound designer Chiara Luzzana, where people who eliminated all unnecessary stimuli were able to conduct an orchestra simply by moving their body. Next to Becks was there Valsoia: its vegetable ice cream has literally sold like hot cakes Campariserved all day long.

In our Social Garden there was also a corner of pure beauty, with products of Uriage and advice from its experts, able to share the good rules of how to care for the skin best.

Many tips have been handed out: like them Daniela Zuccotticontent creator & homeowner specialist who along with Giuseppe Montana, Head of International of Wallapop has faced the age-old dilemma “hold or throw?”, with a real lesson of cleans up to come to understand that the future is the circular economy, or to sell one’s “pre-loved” items, just as the Wallapop marketplace encourages to do.

Rossella Migliacciothe founder of the Italian Picture Institute, has, however, revealed the secrets behind color harmony and revealed some secrets on how to improve its image, with a nod to sustainability: “When we realize what suits us, we buy less and “We are saving time and money. It is a path to consciousness that avoids buying bulimia.”

Even the singer-songwriter Nina Zilli gave his contribution on the green question: “Sustainability must be a mass action as in a concert. Every action counts. From how to brush your teeth to what you eat ».

The former Miss Italy presenter also agrees Daniela Ferolla who in our Social Garden told of his ecological approach to life: “It is the little gestures that make the difference they taught me when I was a child. Now I document, I look for products at km 0 and also in clothing I always look for stylists who make clothes that respect the environment ».

Also present Daniela Ducato, the new president of WWF Italy, who gave some figures for the green panorama in Italy: «Last year we cleaned up 20 million square meters of beaches and re-occupied six places in Italy for renaturation to restore very fragile areas. To date, hundreds of thousands of students are engaged in the study of biodiversity: a specific education on which our future depends ».

The philosopher also intervened Maura Gancitanotrying to focus on where we can really search for our future happiness and how much it depends on our behaviors that are aware of respect for the environment.

In addition to more theoretical reflections, we have also made room for more practical workshops, to understand more closely, to get your fingers in it. And then the gardener was there Andrea Sebastiano Sarli who has revealed his secrets to developing a green thumb and taking care of plants in the best possible way; Michela Savio who has shown how to make the perfect bouquet; the biologist Sofia Bonicalza which, together with the little ones, has recreated the monk seal’s natural habitat and thus also made the young guests aware of the care of our sea; Annarita Serrawho with plastic recycled from the beaches showed how to create works of art.

And finally the presenter Lodovica Comello as with Paolo FornariApp expert Junker entertained guests with the trash can: Where do the cans go? And how do the different holsters differ? Everything you thought you did not know is just a click away on the Junker app that helps you recognize each material.

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