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Labor City Councilwoman Alessia Cappello: «The expensive hotel prices? Some have multiplied the tariffs by 6, Milan can not be a dismissive city. The suburbs more and more central in the design week “

Alessia Cappello, Councilor for the Municipality of Milan for Labor and Economic Development, what is the balance of the week?

“Probably above expectations. There were 400 thousand visitors and 250 million related activities according to Confcommercio’s estimates. It seems that they are even outdated. At least those are very high numbers. With 106 operators and 850 events, they are pre -pandemic levels close to “.

Some operators claim that changing the date did not help.

“There are positive and negative aspects. Among the professionals, there is definitely the proximity to the fashion week, which starts on June 17. The design has been the driving force, but the presence of the brands has also been palpable this week. “Next year, if the pandemic and various emergencies allow, we will return to the canonical dates in April. For the operators of the sector, for the sales cycles of companies, it is the favorite month. June is too late in the season.”

What does the design week leave the city? Could some installations be left behind?

«We have a table with all the design week’s conversation partners. The biggest attention this year has been on sustainability. In the announcement from the Municipality, the projects were assessed according to this criterion. Recycling of materials will also be a priority in the decommissioning phase. There are operators, such as Tortona Cliffs (part of via Tortona, ed), which itself recycles the materials of others. We can think of the legacy, there are opportunities to be seized. “

Can the integration between the Salon and events in the city be improved?

“I think there has already been an osmosis of the public this year. It was one of the evening’s concerns. In 2019, the thousands of events in the city attracted a large audience, but not always attentive or really interested in the products. According to the operators themselves were this week’s audience interested and competent ».

Fuorisalone has conquered the suburbs. From Baggio to viale Certosa up to the hinterland with Baranzate. Is this a trend that will consolidate?

“The tendency to expand will not stop, on the contrary. For us, the suburbs are central. In the past, there was a part of the city that ran, and that was enough. But now we must go together. That is why I hope that new districts can be involved ‘.

Meanwhile, Lambrate has left the circuit. Is a return within the next few years conceivable?

“I have never met them, but of course we would like them to come back.”

From a mobility point of view, can we do anything more in the next shows or week?

“In Design Week, we had plus 25 percent of traffic jams. We absolutely have to work on it. Let’s think and make sure big events are environmentally sustainable. The currents need to be regulated. We want to talk about it with the mayor and councilor for mobility, Arianna Censi. The idea for next year is that the NCCs around everyone are electric cars. ”

There is a controversy about expensive hotels. Can we intervene?

“Some companies have multiplied the tariffs by six. Also at the request of the organizers of the show, next year we will expand the discussion table for hotel owners. We can not think of imposing fixed prices, but the operators can be sensitized to avoid skyrocketing prices. Milan can not be a rejection town”.

The events or moments that struck you most during Design Week?

“I mention the handing over of the baton during the opening ceremony between Armida Armellini and the President of Salone, Maria Porro, with the delivery of the needle with the symbol of the first edition. In the city, what struck me most was the Alcova at the military hospital in Baggio, because the tour of the exhibition was conducted by the extraordinary founder, Valentina Ciuffi, pregnant for the ninth month and yet tireless. A crazy woman who created something extraordinary ».

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