The story of the story 2022: over 5 thousand visitors Culture

An edition that far exceeds the 4,000 entries last year, a large and attentive audience that, despite the heat, filled the seats in Carpi, Novi, Soliera and Campogalliano to listen to Nicola Lagioia, Franco Arminio, Massimo Cacciari, Michele Mari, Paolo Di Paolo, Vasco Brondi, Mariapia Veladiano and the many other guests who animated the five days. The Festa del Racconto di Carpi – according to a note from the fair’s press office – is therefore confirmed as one of the most beloved literary events by the public due to its refined proposals and the opportunity to closely meet some of the most interesting voices from the cultural panorama and Italian literary.

Great satisfaction from the Municipal Administration, who believed a lot in a relaunch of this appointment. “The public reacted with great participation – is the comment from the cultural councilor in Carpi Municipality Davide Dalle Ave. – thanks to a high-quality program that has been able to mix well-known writers loved by the public and writers to be discovered, who have suggested literary reflections, but also personal life stories on the theme of wonder. We touched, breathed the pleasure of finally being able to return to freely enjoy cultural events and suggestions: It was a fantastic ‘meeting’, which confirms the Festa del Racconto as a great communal celebration. I thank all those who have worked on this success, but I also thank and above all the public, who with their participation and their warmth confirmed the importance of this event, which is so dear to the city. The appointment will therefore take place in 2023, with an increasingly articulated program, in the name of the new, which does not renounce tradition ”.

Satisfaction also on the part of the scientific director Marco Antonio Bazzocchi who commented: “I think we will remember this edition for the lively participation of the public, but also for the generosity of the authors and for the ability to interpret the proposed theme in a very personal way and give the public memories and feelings. It was a hallmark of all events that found their highest point in the veiled emotion with which Cacciari remembered his friend Daniele Del Giudice.These five days have been discussion, memory, passion, the art of writing, but they have also been a reflection on the situation of Italian publishers, which tends to punish the form of history that is alive and which many guests have described as the most daring form of writing. Therefore, thank you to Carpi Municipality for strengthening this tradition “.

The one from 2022 is an edition that for the first time will also remain an important audio and video archive: in fact, the videos from the events of “A tu per tu”, led by the literary popularizer Valentina Berengo, who welcomed some of the guests at the festival in the vintage lounge, set up in collaboration with Recuperandia in the Giardino della Magistrale, for an informal talk of wonder. Alongside the videos, the festival’s podcasts will return to the public on the Internet with a selection of speeches from some of the main characters in this 17th edition, from Nicola Lagioia to Melania G. Mazzucco, from Vasco Brondi to Guido Barbujani to Mariapia Veladiano and many more. others . Festa del Racconto does not end here: online deal on Tuesday, June 21st with the free webinar dedicated to creative writing conducted by author Marcello Fois with scientific director Marco A. Bazzocchi. This is the second webinar conceived as yet another novelty for this edition, following the great success of the first held by Alessandra Sarchi together with Professor Bazzocchi on May 24: for registration please refer to the link https: //www.eventbrite. com / e / recording-stories-evidence-for-creative-writing-358357626307

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