the elegantly designed selfie phone

I live V23 we could define it as selfie phone par excellence, a smartphone designed by the company to favor selfie And video callbets very heavily on one design elegant and even unique in one of its colors, with the possibility of change color. All this at a list price of 549 euros, more than adequate for many of us pockets; let’s find out more in ours review complete.

Design and aesthetics

The product wants stand out from the mass of smartphones on the market, and it does so based on the overall dimensions when in fact 157.20 x 72.42 x 7.39 / 7.55 millimeters thick, weighing 179/181 grams. It is easy to handle, insert it in the trouser pocket or in a bag, thanks to an enviable lightness and thinness.

The differences in thickness and weight are dictated by coloring that you will choose, those who will choose Sunshine goldwill be able to show the result of two years of study of Vivo. ONE cover over to responds to UV raysthanks to the installation of a very thin sheet (hence the greater thickness and weight), which will transform the color golden in blue. A stylistic choice really interesting and one of a kind, it’s a shame not to be able to show it to you in the pictures, our test was based on the model version Stardust Black (still beautiful). In both cases, I live installed one layer of microcrystals on the glass shell, which offers one elegance of a higher level, as well as interesting light playin relation to the angle of illumination.

The camera module is quite enough extensive, but not too prominent in relation to the body. That frame it is made of metal, with on / off and volume bars on the right side while it is at the bottom speaker physicist, USB type-C 2.1 And wagon of the SIM cards.

Hardware and specifications

The display is one AMOLED from 6.44 inches diagonally, with resolution FullHD + (2400 x 1080 pixels), with very thin frames on three sides and one hak quite marked given the presence of two front sensors. Its being dish convinces most users, in terms of detail and sharpness, we believe that it is in line with the price range, it provides good performance, also thanks to the support forHDR10 + and protection Schott Xsensationfor superior strength.

To further embellish it, come here refresh rate to 90 Hz, perfect for improving the flexibility of rolling and daily use, with the security of filing small defects. The dynamic range is wide enough, the base colors tend to be a bit clearerwith a sufficient brightness for use in direct sunlight.

The processor is MediaTek Dimensity 920 5Gan octopus with a clock frequency of 2.5 GHz, flanked by a Mali G68 MC4 GPU. The configuration provides 12 GB of LPDDR4X RAM e 256 GB internal memory (cannot be expanded), for generally satisfactory performance. The progress MediaTek has made with the Dimensity series is important, and the gap with the Qualcomm Snapdragon is getting smaller and smaller. That I live V23 it does not particularly warm up the back, it is fluid and responsive, allowing even good gaming sessions.

Unlocking can be done in two ways, using the fingerprint sensor integrated below the screen and 2D face recognition. In both cases unlocking speed it is very good, with a responsiveness that has nothing to envy to the top of the range of the moment. The SIM car is integrated to slotsapplicable only for SIM cards; connection is guaranteed by 5Gfrom WiFi 6 dual band, bluetooth 5.2, GPS and NFC chip. If concerned, the USB Type-C port is 2.1 (no video output), and 3.5 mm jack.

The sound of I live V23 is monoonly the lower speaker is used, the maximum volume is more than enough for an environment from 25 square meters. The detail of all frequencies is in the average of the price range, without being able to stand out or stand out.

Camera, operating system and battery

The photographic sector consists of 3 sensorsa principal from 64 megapixels with F1.89 aperture, a wide angle from 8 megapixels with aperture F2.2, and a macro from 2 megapixels.

In bright conditions, the first thing that catches the eye is the extreme sharpness of the recordings, with a detail far exceeding the price range of affiliation, the whole frame taken into account. The colors are Well balancedcontrast and saturation they are not exaggerated, excellent white balance and bright light control. A surrender Storeif we consider that it is a smartphone for a little over 500 euros.

The moment the light starts to go down, it will talk changes a bit as we notice one digital noise who comes in with arrogance in the shots in a short time, and an ease of making the microwave annoying. Compared with the competitors, the yield only in low light turns out to be at a lower level in terms of sharpness, color balance and details. Goodnight mode, it manages to illuminate the scene more, but without doing miracles.

THAT video made maximum in 4K to 30 fpsthe autofocus works discreetly in all lighting conditions, maybe it tends to be a bit nervous when the brightness drops, but overall we can be more than satisfied. Improved speech for stabilizationeven if it is electronic, it will be possible to record without difficulty walking even if you do not have a stable hand (by activating the ultra-stabilization instead it will be possible to switch to FullHD).

What do I live V23 very special is the attention that the company has to the front sector. These consist of bones two sensorsdivided into a head by 50 megapixels with F2.0 aperture (created specifically for the model reviewed) and a wide angle from 8 megapixels with aperture F2.28. Surrender is excellent in all lighting conditions, creating one groove also important with the top of the range from over 1000 euros; the details are always precise, the images sharp and the colors perfectly balanced, with a very wide dynamic range. To counter understandable reduction of quality in low light, I live he thought to insert well 4 LEDs flash front (two-tone, with the option to calibrate it in relation to the skin color), which literally saves the situation and at the same time maintains a high level.

That operating system is Android 12patched off May 2022and graphical customization FunTouch OS 12. The interface is fluid, lightweight, with attractive and modern graphics, as well as virtually free of any delay. Changes to the version Android stock are not very many, they animations, the lighting effects, the division of the screen, the ultrasound, the expansion of the “virtual” RAM and some aesthetic improvements, for example in video calls. From do not neglect apparently gestures and the always exhibited.

There battery is a component of 4200 mAhwith fast charging a 44 watts, but without wireless or vice versa. The autonomy is average, it is around the maximum 4 hours of active viewing, which in our case corresponds to one day the whole use; if the latter is particularly intense, you risk having to reconnect to the outlet earlier than usual.

Vivo V23: conclusions

Finally I live V23 is the smartphone that marks the turning point for users looking for an aesthetically beautiful product, light, easy to understand, quite powerful and with a strong focus in the photographic sector, above all in front of (the real strength of the product itself).

On the other side of the coin, we add very little, one battery which guarantees an autonomy that is not fully satisfactory, and the memory unfortunately can not be extended.

I live V23

549 euros

I live V23


  • Very beautiful design and aesthetics
  • Excellent display
  • Front cameras on another level
  • Processor performance
  • Small size


  • Unfortunately not expandable memory
  • Improved battery

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