The best Italian cities for children

Il Sole24Ore has published the report on quality of life divided by age groups: Aosta, Arezzo and Siena are the best cities for children.

The best Italian cities for children in 2022

After the debut last year, also in 20220 Sole24Ore has published data on the national survey on quality of life of the Italian capitals in relation to the different generations. The report, divided into three age groups (Children: 0-10 years; Young people: 18-35 years; Seniors: over 65 years) has compiled a ranking of the best places to spend the different stages of one’s life, based on different parameters depending on which category is considered .

If therefore Trento turns out to be heaven for most agéeand instead Aosta the most child-friendly place, with Ravenna instead of earning the upper hand in relation to the youth offer. Piuttsoto bad instead metropolitan areasincreasingly chaotic and with services that do not always meet the needs of the citizen, even if they are southern city for the worse, with many appearances in the very last places on the charts.

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The ranking on quality of life

The three rankings are drawn up on the basis of precision parameters different according to the different age groups – which measure the response of the different territories to the needs of their inhabitants. If therefore to calculate the viability of a locality for Over 65 points regarding life expectancy, the amount of noise pollution or the availability of home care services were considered, e.g. Young it was based on the presence of data such as the number of places for recreation, entrepreneurial opportunities and the number of graduates.

Compared to the first edition of 2021 are parameters concerning percent of the school buildings (Children), proliferation of companies e-commerce (Youth), the presence of medical specialists and dependence on the working-age population no antidepressant drugs (Elderly).

The authors of the research have been assigned one score from 1000 to 0 for each province and the final location was the result of average of the results obtained.

The best cities for children

As for the ranking regarding the first band, the one that interested children, ie 12 parameters which were considered for a faithful picture of a minor’s quality of life were:

  • Fertility rate (average number of children per woman)
  • Pediatricians (active professionals per 1000 residents)
  • Living area (sqm per child)
  • Students per. grade
  • Available schools
  • Nurseries – authorized sites
  • School gardens (m2 per child)
  • Be equipped (sqm per child)
  • School buildings with canteen as% of the total
  • Sports and children’s index (competitive sports 6-14 years)
  • School buildings with gymnasium in% of the total
  • Crimes reported to the detriment of minors

Among these rumors, the general analysis of all cities registered a little bit positive trend compared to 2021, especially with regard to approved places in kindergartens (+ 5.5%), the fertility rate (+ 0.8%) and the number of nurses per. 100 thousand inhabitants (+ 0.3%).

The five most child-friendly cities

The excellent school services have given Aosta priority – first for accessible schools and school buildings – with a large Tuscan representation occupying the top of the rankings.

  • 1 – Aosta: 596.9 pt.
  • 2 – Arezzo: 512.6 pt.
  • 3 – Siena: 503.1 pt.
  • 4 – Florence: 497.7 pt.
  • 5 – Udine: 485.8 pt.

The five “worst” cities for children

The bottom of the rankings is unfortunately a great privilege for the south, despite the fact that the locations in the south are the ones with younger demographic rate. In descending order, starting with the city with the lowest score, “flop 5” relates to:

  • 107 – Naples: 250 pt.
  • 106 – Caltanissetta: 263.7
  • 105 – Material: 277.1
  • 104 – Palermo: 282.2 pt
  • 103 – Reggio Calabria: 283 pkt.

The second Top and Flop of the Italian cities

As regards the results for the younger generation, there was also a trend in the “Young” category that rewards the medium-sized centers in the Center-North with a South trapping in the rear positions. On the other hand, the list dedicated to senior citizens goes against the trend, Tuscany, which is so much awarded for its services to the new generations, record all three of the lowest steps of the list.

Top 5 – Young

The five best cities for young people aged 18 to 35 years.

  • 1 – Piacenza: 590.8 pt.
  • 2 – Ferrara: 575.5 pt.
  • 3 – Ravenna: 561.1 pt.
  • 4 – Vercelli: 554.7 pt.
  • 5 – Cremona: 550.8 pt.

Flop 5 – Youth

The five best cities for young people aged 18 to 35 years

  • 107 – Southern Sardinia: 44.7 points
  • 106 – Barletta-Andria-Trani: 373.9 points
  • 105 – Rome: 387.7 points
  • 104 – Taranto: 402
  • 103 – Genoa: 411.9 pt

Top 5 over 65

The five best cities for the elderly.

  • 1 – Cagliari: 590.3 pt.
  • 2 – Bolzano: 546.9 pt.
  • 3 – Trento: 524.0 pt.
  • 4 – Rome: 512.6 pt.
  • 5 – Nuoro: 508.2 pt.

Flop 5 over 65

The five best cities for the elderly.

  • 107 – Pistoia: 276.8 points
  • 106 – Massa-Carrara: 281.2 pt.
  • 105 – Lucca: 283.6 pt.
  • 104 – Verbano-Cusio-Ossola: 293.2 pt.
  • 103 – Vercelli: 297.4 pt.

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