Test year for newly hired teachers from GPS 2021/22, interview with assessment committee. How it goes

The teachers employed by GPS first band as 2021/22 will shortly take the interview to the assessment committee in order to pass the test year. Therefore, the times are foreseen.

Trial year evaluation

Teachers in trial years and with role changeswhen the training activities have been completed, the 180 days of service have been completed, of which at least 120 are of didactic activity, and the professional portfolio has been prepared, they support the interview of the Committee for the Evaluation of Teachers.

Specifically, the final evaluation is divided into the following phases:

  1. interview for the assessment committee;
  2. The evaluation committee’s expression of the intended non-binding opinion on the passing or failure of the teacher in question during the probationary year;
  3. confirmation or not in the teaching role of the school leader.



The headmasterwhich we read in Ministerial Decree No. 850/2015 and in Ministerial Order No. 310/2021, convenes the assessment committee (to express the aforementioned opinion) in the intervening period between the end of the didactic activities – including qualifications and state examinations – and the end of the school yeari.e. between 30/06 and 31/08.

This timing could be deviated from (or rather it will almost certainly be) for employed teachers from GPS first band as 2021/22through the extraordinary procedure mentioned in Legislative Decree No. 73/2021.

Teachers hired GPS 2021/22

The aforementioned extraordinary procedure, based on the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 73/2021 (amended to Act No. 106/2021) and the Executive Order No. 73/2021. 242/2021, is divided into the following steps (some exceeded, others are still to be hoped for):

  1. fixed-term employment in the academic year 2021/22 (already completed);
  2. development during the academic year 2021/22, of the annual basic training and examination course referred to in Article 13 of Legislative Decree 59/2017 (nearing completion);
  3. disciplinary test (consisting of an aptitude interview), after the positive evaluation of the aforementioned path, before a commission outside the school where the same path takes place (still to be completed);
  4. employment in the role from 1 September 2021 or, if later, from the start date of the service (in the academic year 2021/22) and confirmation of the role in the same school where the fixed-term service is provided and the annual course of initial training and trials takes place (there still to be performed).

Therefore, after passing the training and the test course, the teachers in question take the disciplinary test (consisting of an aptitude interview) in order to be admitted to the role.

Time for evaluation of the test year for GPS teachers

The disciplinary testwhich we read in Ministerial Decree No. 242/2021, must take place by 31 July 2022.

In view of the aforementioned date, the high number of aspiring competitors for some types of position and the fact that the call for the disciplinary test must take place at least 10 days before the execution of the same (test), USR responsible for the procedurewe read in note no. 22219/2022, with as object “Provisional fulfillment of the disciplinary test referred to in Article 8 of Ministerial Decree 242 of 30 July 2021. “, shall verify that the evaluation procedures for the training and examination year are carried out by the educational institutions in accordance with the foregoing, also in violation of the provisions of Ministerial Decree No 310/2021.

Basically, the evaluation of the training and test process (prior to the conduct of the disciplinary test), also in derogation from the above provision in Ministerial Decree No. 310/2021, must be completed within a time frame that allows the disciplinary test to take place before July 2022. The convening of the Evaluation Committee can therefore take place before the end of the teaching activities (ie before 30/06), and the whole procedure (which ends with DS’s decision) must be completed no later than the first ten days of July.

Passing the training and trial period is conditional on:

to. to perform the actual service rendered for at least one hundred and eighty days during the school year, of which at least one hundred and twenty for didactic activities;
b. to carry out the planned training activities that are to be considered as an integral part of the service during the training and trial period, which are therefore carried out at the same time as the service itself. Learn more

The interview: how it goes

The conversation starts with the professional portfolio.

That portfolioprepared in digital format on the Indire platform, will have to contain:

  • a space for describing one’s academic curriculum;
  • preparation of a balance of skills at the beginning of the training course;
  • documentation of significant phases of didactic planning, of the didactic activities performed, of the verification actions performed;
  • establishing a final balance sheet and providing a professional development plan.

The portfolio is tentatively handed over by the teacher to the school head, who sends it to the assessment committee, at least five days before the date of the interview. Learn more

Who does the assessment committee consist of?

Newly hired teachers from GPS: disciplinary test no later than 31 July, convened at least ten days before. PROGRAMS and regional mergers

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