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Great personality and determination as a true sportswoman. The ID electric family is expanded with the new SUV coupe. Space, technology, elegance and sportiness in the gritty Gtx version

Savina Confaloni

The sixth model of the electric ID family comes with Volkswagen ID.5. An SUV coupe that makes a clear leap forward, while the spirit and many stylistic features of the smaller sisters ID.3 and ID.4 declined in an SUV key. With a lot of gravel and also available in a more sporty outfit, in the ID.5 Gtx version. The range starts at € 55,600.

the top of the id family

It is Volkswagen’s first electric SUV coupe, the flagship model in the new ID family to date, based on the group’s universal Meb platform, with a low center of gravity for firm grip and therefore suitable for long journeys. The latest generation of 3.1 software brings more modern features and systems that enhance comfort and make commands and refills even easier. For ID.5, there is a rear-wheel drive version with an output of 150 kW (204 hp) and the more efficient ID.5 Gtx with four-wheel drive of 200 kW (299 hp).


ID.5’s design immediately strikes for its character and strong but not angular lines, with a well-defined front, reduced cooling openings and a sporty rear spoiler. All combined with excellent aerodynamics, which manage to reach a maximum range of 520 km, according to the Wltp standard. The short overhangs and large wheels make the car well-proportioned, which has a length of 4.60 meters, a width of 1.85 meters and a height of 1.61 meters. The roofline falls and creates the typical sports coupe silhouette, which, however, is not exaggerated and above all does not take up space for the passengers’ heads. Depending on the location of the rear seats, the volume of the luggage compartment ranges from 549 to 1,561 liters. Everything in the body is studied in detail to improve the aerodynamic coefficient, which reaches 0.26: from the rear window, to the spoiler, to the flat design wheels, to the hollowed-out door handle. Led headlights are standard, and in the case of ID.5 GTX we find Led Matrix IQ headlights. Light with intelligent high beam and 3D Led taillights. The range of wheels goes from 19 to 21 inches.


The passenger compartment of the Volkswagen ID.5 has the open space construction typical of an SUV, with plenty of space for everything, and it is made very inviting by the precious and functional materials at the same time. Every element needed for driving is within reach and “before the eyes”, with the multifunction touch steering wheel, 12-inch touch display, head-up display with optional augmented reality and optimized voice commands. The lighting also helps to change the travel style and highlights an innovative design concept for the interior, with the option to personalize the car by choosing from ten standard colors. And for the dashboard, the doors and even the mobile phone compartment, you can get cooler or warmer tones depending on the mood at the moment. And then there is the light strip under the windshield, called ID.Light, which gives the driver noticeable information in an intuitive way, for example in dangerous situations or during navigation.


The new Volkswagen ID.5 comes in two power levels: ID.5 Pro Performance with rear engine delivers a power of 150 kW (204 Hp), while ID.5 Gtx four-wheel drive, with an electric motor in the axle It has a maximum total power of 220 kW (299 Hp). The top model accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.3 seconds and reaches a top speed (electronically limited) of 180 km / h. Whether equipped with rear-wheel drive or electric four-wheel drive, thanks to a close coupling between the drive unit and the chassis control units, all variants of ID.5 offer a comfortable, sporty and safe driving. The choice of the driving profile allows you to influence the configuration of the electric motors and the control in different ways. And on request, it is possible to have progressive steering, which intervenes more and more directly as the steering angle increases. As an option, the shock absorbers with electronic suspension adjustment are Dcc, which further expands the differences between a soft and relaxed ride and a dynamic and sporty one.

HOW TO GO id.5 gtx

We are behind the wheel of the new ID.5 Gtx, the top model with four-wheel drive, which develops a total power of 299 hp and 460 Nm of maximum torque. You can feel the signal on the highway – the performance specified by the manufacturer is from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.3 seconds and a top speed of 180 km / h – but we have chosen ID.5 Gtx to enjoy the roads leading from the foot of the Lessini Mountains, to the less traveled part of Lake Garda, along an itinerary that runs from the historic Villa De Winkels in Tregnago to the countryside north of Affi. The weather conditions are not the best, for they alternate scorching heat with sudden showers and hailstorms, but fortunately the car helps us, with the two-engine four-wheel drive designed to provide extremely stable driving behavior, especially in case of critical weather. GTX, which has a more sporty look, is distinguished by the specific settings of the suspension and steering: By selecting the Sport mode, driving becomes smoother, with an immediate response from the car and a fast and safe driveway in corners, accompanied of a nice boost of the engine. The latest version of the software used by ID.5 improves the functions on board, the navigation and infotainment systems, as well as transmits all the updated information needed for the voyage in real time. Volkswagen has also complied with the requests from the community of users of the ID family, who always suggested leaving the battery charging status clearly visible by putting the appropriate warning light up right on the display behind the steering wheel. In terms of ID.5, the motors in the ID.5 Gtx are powered by a lithium-ion battery of 77 kWh net, to a declared range in our case of 490 km. Again, thanks to the new software, the charging time has been reduced. It takes 29 minutes to give ID.5 an autonomy of 390 km and 36 minutes to guarantee 320 km to ID.5 Gtx: if it is connected to a suitable DC column, the car can actually be recharged with a maximum power equivalent to 135 kW instead for 125 kW. The advanced and fully connected assistant systems help a lot while driving. Travel Assist, for example, takes into account our driving style to actively keep the car in the middle of the lane, and also adjusts to a slightly off-center gear to the left or right. Among the many curves and roundabouts that lead us towards Caprino Veronese, we are also helped by the new predictive speed control system and curve assistance, which allows us to calibrate our speed to the applicable limits and to the course of the road.


With the new software ID. 3.1, which makes it possible to make updates in over-the-aircharging has been made easier thanks to the new feature of plug & chargeby simply inserting the charging cable. Operation is intuitive and instantaneous: once the certificate is installed in the vehicle via We connect ID. App, as soon as the charging cable is inserted and the authentication is completed, the charging procedure starts automatically, which no longer requires a special card, but a fee for We Charge electrical recharging, compatible with the Plug & Charge standard. The system is currently supported by major charging infrastructures such as Ionity, Aral, Bp, Enel, Eon, Iberdrola and Eviny, and other major vendors are expected to join in the future.

volkswagen id.5, prices

The Volkswagen ID.5 price list starts at 55,600 euros for the rear-wheel drive version and from 61,700 euros for the electric four-wheel-drive version and a total power of 299 hp.

volkswagen datasheet id.5 gtx

  • Engines: asynchronous electric on the front axle, permanent magnet synchronous electric on the rear axle, total power 299 Hp, total maximum torque 460 Nm.
  • Battery: lithium ion, net capacity 77 kWh; charging power 11 kW / 135 kW; charging time from 5% to 80% in 36 minutes, continuous current
  • Infection: rear single-speed automatic transmission, four-wheel drive.
  • Performance: 0-100 acceleration 6.3 seconds, top speed 180 km / h (electronically limited).
  • Reported consumption: 17.1 kWh / 100 km Wltp.
  • Autonomy: 490 km Wltp.
  • Dimensions: length 4,582 mm, width 1,852 mm, height 1,619 mm, wheelbase 2,766 mm; trunk 549–1.561 l.
  • Prices: from 61,700 euros; ID.5 ranges from 55,600 euros.

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