state exams in Basilicata

“Everything is ready in Basilicata for the state exams in education I and II cycle, concluding in the academic year 2021/2022”. This is stated by the regional school office in a press release, which takes stock of the situation with all data.

I am cycling It begins with the final state exam in the first education cycle (“middle schools”). In fact, the students in the first grade high school will be the first to face the tests: two written tests, one in Italian and one on logical-mathematical skills, and one oral, the interdisciplinary conversation during which the skills relate. foreign languages, civic education and music, where the latter are present. In the region, there are 4,746 students who will be engaged in the exam, 3,026 in the province of Potenza and 1,720 in the province of Matera. The exams must be completed by 30 June 2022.

Maturity The state examination of the education cycle II for the 5,509 graduates in the region starts on 22 June. 2,110 in the province of Matera and 3,399 in the province of Potenza will face the 2022 high school diploma. More than 50% of them reach the graduation exam from high school at the end of a high school course; while 29.05% attended a technical course and 20.50% a professional course. 141 students participated in an evening course for adults, especially in the technical (55 students) and professional (86 students) courses. There are 139 external candidates (63 in the province of Matera and 76 in the province of Potenza) who are preparing to take the initial exams for admission to the state exam. The majority of outsiders compete for a diploma in the technical (28.77%) or professional (46.04%) courses; while for the high schools there is a smaller number (25.18%). Also for the second cycle, there is a progressive, albeit partial, return to prepandemic normality. The commissions consist of six internal commissioners and an external chairman. 158 commissions will be active in the region, for a total of 314 classes involved.

It begins, exactly on June 22 at. 8.30, with the first written test in Italian, prepared on a national basis. Candidates will be offered seven clues to different typologies (analysis and interpretation of the literary text, analysis and production of an argumentative text, critical reflection of an expositional-argumentative nature on current issues). On June 23, the second written test continues, different for each course, which will have a discipline among those that characterize the study. The second test is the most important news of the year. In fact, it will not be sent by the ministry, but prepared by the individual institutions, which will thus be able to take into account what is actually done by the students during the school year, also in view of the specific impact that the health emergency has. had at individual schools. The interview is then scheduled, which opens with an analysis of the material selected by the Commission (a text, a document, a problem, a project). At the oral exam, the candidate must prove that he has acquired the content and methods in the individual disciplines, and that he has acquired competencies within civic education. He will then analyze, with a brief report or a multimedia work, the experience gained with the Pathways for Transversal Competences and Orientation (PCTO). In case of inability to take the written tests on the scheduled days, there will be an additional session, for refund, scheduled for the first week of July.

Online, on the website of the Ministry of Education, it is possible to consult the new section dedicated to 2022 state exams, # ESAMIDISTATO2022, created to accompany schools, students and families in the progressive approach to exams. The portal contains all the necessary information about the news provided in the first and second cycle exams, useful information and answers to the most frequently asked questions, information about web tools and help services available to candidates and commissions. The ministry’s social column dedicated to #Mirisponde exams returned to Facebook to ask questions and get answers right away.

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