“Singing hands”. The project for the school in Marina di Grosseto has been completed

Grosseto: The project ended with a concert in the garden of the primary school “Carlo Collodi” in Marina di Grosseto SINGING HANDSwho saw Dr. Anna Del Vacchio creator of this singing methodology in sign language, collaboration with “Orsini” Comprehensive Institute of Castiglione della Pescaia And University of Valle d’Aosta which launched a research project to scientifically verify the empirical evidence found in recent years.

The research project that started already in the school year 2019/2020 in primary school in Marina di Grossetohad been interrupted by the first lockdown, and this year it was finally able to resume its activities.

Sign language aroused enormous curiosity among the children at Marina’s school, and those who had already tried it two years ago were happy to start over.

Singing hands it is a choir that enhances its expressiveness by simultaneously translating the lyrics to the pieces it sings, even in Sign language. Therefore, a dual communication channel is used, the vocal and the gestural. The experiment was also performed with all hearing children.

In the scholastic application of Mani Cantanti, an acceleration of the learning of Italian for non-Italian-speaking students and a significant inclusive capacity for all students with special educational needs had already been found in recent years.

The activity is very engaging for children, and its practice allows them to develop manual coordination as well as the ability to make ensemble music, which helps expand the capacity for attention.

At the Mani Cantanti choir’s event in Marina, in addition to the students’ families, there was also a deaf audience, together with the president of the national deaf organization in Grosseto, Alberina Rubegni.

Deaf people especially appreciate the use of sign language combined with music, and seeing hearing “brand” is particularly engaging for them, especially on an emotional level.

Through these children, therefore, an inclusive model is experienced, which is not based on the “need” to communicate with the deaf, but from a primary need of any child, which is to communicate physically also through gestures, which in the case of sign language are well codified and structured.

The professor. Gianni Nuti, Associate Professor of General Didactics and Special Education at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Valle d’Aosta, who coordinates the research project on Mani Cantanti, on the occasion of the last event at the end of the year, sent a video message thanking Rector of IC “Orsino Orsini” in Castiglione della Pescaia, Prof. Angelo Salvatore Costarella, to Dr. Anna Del Vacchio, leader of the choir, to teachers and students all, as well as to their families, for the way to approach music, body language and sign language, as in Mani Cantanti the thought and the living corporeality that organizes itself in space and time, so people can express themselves. Here, according to Prof. Nuti, each individual, regardless of his fragility, can use the body language and in fact the use of this language, which is more direct because the body is the main character, can achieve much greater communicative results than with just the use of the word. The professor. Nuti stressed that this is exactly what was demonstrated by the Marina School this school year and therefore hopes that this collaboration will be strengthened and structured more and more to find scientific evidence showing the full value of this method.

According to the professor, we are already in the right direction, and the contribution of the Marina School is now the contribution of the pioneers who are going to an unexplored land for the first time, which they should be proud of.

Although the Mani Cantanti project could only start in the latter part of the school year this year, it has already proved to be an instrument for identifying fragility, especially of a fine motor and ocular-manual type of coordination and has certainly helped to improve attention and concentration skills as well. the control of each student’s conscious gesture.

It will therefore be interesting in the coming years to verify the communicative, coordinative and attentive benefits that can be registered by continuing Mani Cantanti’s choral activity.

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