School, exam time. The appeal to be “uncovered”

“An inertial practice, without any meaning and highly harmful to children and young people. If the children and their parents do not rebel, students will find themselves wearing masks in the classroom again next year. And going to school without a face is no longer possible. Thus, educator Daniele Novara returns to invoke the abolition of the mask in school, “starting immediately, beginning with the exams: we allow our children to present themselves at least for the oral session with their face, because the face is everything”. And he strongly criticizes “this compulsive persistence, which in the name of a political coherence principle continues to impose a restriction within the school, which has now disappeared everywhere: we go to the bar, to the supermarket, even to vote without a mask, but our children they have to use it in school and risk having to continue to use it again next year: an inertia practice, a bit like the clock, the notes, the numerical grades in primary school, this despite the very serious damage that everyone can see: the government had to set aside 20 million for the psychological bonus, especially because young people do not recover from the trauma of restrictions and social isolation.Many this year did not go to school, high school, but also middle school and failures have returned to very high levels. We pay a very high price to fight a virus among many and not even dangerous: the mayor of Milan is positive and continues to work and says he is fine. So why bear our children still masks? Why do we prevent them from discussing at least the facial examination? “.

The letter to Bianchi and Speranza

Novara’s voice reinforces and relaunches the appeal launched by Lorenzo Morri and the Spring Bureau in recent days for a “school in school” (Liceo Leonardo Da Vinci – BO) and signed by various pedagogical experts and more: among these, Novara herself, Anna Oliverio Ferraris (psychologist), Silvia Veggetti Finzi, (educator and author), Alberto Pellai (psychotherapist), Sara Gandini (epidemiologist). In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Draghi and to Minister Bianchi, they expressed their “concern to see how, despite the moderation of the epidemiological emergency since 1 May, it has enabled a drastic easing of the restrictive measures in the social and economic life, a real way back to normalcy has not yet been foreseen for the School, beginning with the elimination of the mask, the unifying symbol of the pandemic, which in education and training constitutes a very conspicuous obstacle to the establishment of normal personal relationships. a phase in which the government found it acceptable that the mask was lowered to favor a full restart of activities in trade, tourism and the entertainment industry as well as major events, rock concerts and sporting events, it is surprising that we did not notice the inconsistency in maintaining the compulsory use in the school “, they write. And again:” Authoritative studies show how the School, in contrast ing to what was originally feared did not act as an amplifier of the infections, but only reflected the trend in society. Conversely, significant evidence is accumulating about the many harms of neurodevelopment, as well as about the development of children’s and adolescents ’emotional and social capacities caused by fathers and the prolonged deprivation of the natural encounter with peers’ and teachers ‘and teachers’ faces. . Not to mention the real disabilities in learning, attention, language and social phobias, of which a new and still partially unknown epidemic is under way ”.

Hence the question: “If the school should not be, as we do not want it to be, an aseptic and cold space of pure verbal statements of concepts, formulas, rules, today moreover easily acquired even” at a distance “through the resources of the web if the school is to be, as we hope, it will become more and more, a warm sensory and intellectual space, dedicated to human and civil growth, how long will we then be willing to accept that the fiction of daily attendance in the absence of faces extended in it? “. And so “the need to give up as soon as possible also in Italy, as has already happened in all European countries, the use of the mask in school is first and foremost an educational and civil requirement. A school where one continues to to go in and spend half of his day without being able to literally look at each other, without therefore getting to know each other and trusting each other, is a self-contradiction.We appeal to you so that we ourselves – and above all – in school again can start living openly, having and offering each other – children and teachers – the joy of growing up and getting a glimpse of the future ”.

The voice of the principals

A meeting between Ministers Speranza and Bianchi is scheduled for today. Meanwhile, the National Association of School Leaders intervenes in the subject from a “technical” and skills point of view: four hours, if a decision is to be made, for a state exam, it should be of a national nature – says Paola Bortoletto, national president Andis in a note – The responsible institutions have a duty to take on the burden of elections, and it is only acceptable for such a delicate matter, the presidents of hundreds of exam boards must decide independently.They tell us that the pandemic is not over, that we must be careful, but they also tell us that it is hot and one can not breathe with mask.Then we observe that the duty is only in school and perhaps after June 15 in public transport.As principals we ask for clarity.A decision must be made so that we can come back to evaluate, learn o g teach, recruit and train for a constantly evolving society. “

Chiara Ludovisi

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