School contract renewal, new round at Aran on 28 June. The last

It will be the new meeting at Aran on 28 June with the unions to renew the school contract. After the first two meetings, the unions expect to get to the heart of the negotiations.

Close the contract early by increasing resources: this is the request that the unions received during the second negotiation session at Aran for the renewal of the 2019-21 training contract.

There Flc Cgil calls for the bargaining meetings to be speeded up “also to reach the finish line quickly, knowing in any case that since the FLC Cgil has to submit any agreement for workers’ approval, it can only be concluded in schools and places working full time.

Also Anief strongly supported the proposal to immediately close a “bridge” contract for the period 2019-2021 to obtain arrears and renew the financial tables.

“The rise in inflation above 7 per cent. – said Marcello Pacifico, National President of Anief – demands that the government make a specific commitment to find sufficient resources in the next budget law, and that we all demand a “bridge contract” that provides 3,000 euros and 107 euros in gross increases immediately, and then deferred to the new table because of the benefits. for the renewal of Ccnl 2022/2024 all questions asked by trade unions and employers, with the obligation to find new resources linked to the registered inflation.

Uil Scuola is also asking for contractual increases: the union proposed to anticipate the negotiation process concerning the economic part with the aim of providing workers in the shortest possible time with the increases envisaged by the government, with the resources announced on several occasions. The difficult economic situation, the level of inflation reaching 7%, the signals from Europe for wage defense policies are factors pushing in the direction of a rapid negotiation that first leads to economic results.

What can change for teachers

For what concern the teaching departmentamong the government’s proposals is that contracting of distance learningemphasizing the need to regulate working hours, as well as safety or the right to disconnect.

The address letter provides news for class coordinators, department or supervisors of new hires. It is believed to increase these numbers without, however, causing an increase in additional burdens for the state.

Another chapter of great importance is compulsory education: teachers must be constantly trained and skills must be “rewarded”. The hypothesis of a political action calls for a real elaborate revolution with commitments, but also concessions: such as training during service and the remuneration of acquired skills. At this point, the eyes also focused on the recruitment reform, Decree 36, which is currently being debated in the Senate.

What may change for ATA and DSGA staff

In the case of ATA staff, on the other hand, the address deed allows for contractualisation of agile work that can be exchanged for it in the present. The contract must define ways in which this can take place, regulating in particular rights and trade union conditions, specific training, preparation and use of equipment, health and safety, working hours and availability, the right of interruption, of re-entries.

A separate chapter will be the reformulation of the legal systems and the pay review with regard to the tasks of the Ata staff and the strengthening of the DSGAs. For this purpose, additional resources will be allocated that do not exceed 0.55% of the total salaries in 2018.

It starts with a net increase of 50 euros

Negotiations with the unions in Aran on the renewal of the contract have begun, but the financial part of the case has not yet been addressed. At this point, the starting point is the political law and the resources allocated in the latest budget laws.

The goal set by Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi is an increase 100 euros for each teacher, even if the actual starting amount is around 90 euros.

Goes specifically, yesAccording to the latest data, with the available resources of about 2 billion, the goal is to recognize the teaching staff, an increase of 3.8%, ie. about 90 euros gross, therefore 50-55 euros net in payslips.

With the resources for arrears still to be calculated, it is so-called compensating element from 11.50 euros average predicted by the former CCNL 2016-2018. In that case, teachers were guaranteed average salary increases of € 96 gross per month (from € 80.40 minimum to € 110 maximum, based on seniority and school grade).

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